Accomplishments for the Day (June 6, 2021)

Hi everyone! I was feeling a little low this morning after a restless sleep. This afternoon, I felt even lower after I misinterpreted a comment from my husband about my (lack of) Bible knowledge as criticism. It thankfully wasn’t meant that way. Right now though, I am feeling quite accomplished. Let me share what things I achieved today.

1. Got showered and brushed my teeth and hair. Personal hygiene is a struggle of late, so I am very proud that I got these things accomplished.

2. Got weighed in. I had gained a little over a pound over the past few weeks, but I’m okay with that. After all, my diet hasn’t been too healthy lately. It could also still be the fact that I literally stuffed myself full of fries yesterday.

3. Made relatively healthy food choices. I mean, I had three meals that weren’t too unhealthy. For lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich at a sandwich place, but I don’t think it was very unhealthy. I had mini rolls for breakfast and my care facility’s meal service’s meal for dinner. I did have chips this evening, but I kept to one serving.

4. Broke my daily step record. This is the one thing that helped me move from feeling low to feeling accomplished. My old record was 20.2K steps. Now, I have walked 20.5K steps today. Only 200 more to go and I’ll have reached 100K steps in the past week.

5. Read my Bible. I signed up for the Bible in a Year E-mail service earlier this week. Because I had selected the start-to-finish reading plan, I’m now only at Genesis 21-23. Discussing my progress with my husband got me a bit discouraged. He recommended I, being a Christian, read the New Testament first, then got to recommend that if I read the Old Testament now anyway, I could start with Daniel. So I decided to read Daniel.

To get myself acquainted with the story, I got the Immersion Bible Studies book for Daniel, because I like Immersion. That study though combined Ezekiel with Daniel and I’m not intending on reading Ezekiel anytime soon. So I got a little confused and this further discouraged me.

Then I texted my husband in a bit of frustration. He thankfully replied that he had just meant that Daniel might be a more interesting story than most of the rest of the Old Testament. He wasn’t meaning to question my faith.! That lifted my mood again and encouraged me to study the Bible some more.

What have you accomplished today?

10 thoughts on “Accomplishments for the Day (June 6, 2021)

  1. All most excellent accomplishments Astrid! I am still working on accomplishing my normal weekend tasks, but I did manage to ride nearly 8 miles on a new rail trail. The distance wasn’t the accomplishment. Riding among the deafening sounds of the cicadas was the accomplishment. I hate bugs and while locusts in general – outside – do not bother me – the overwhelming noise the broods make can cause one to panic. But I did not.

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  2. I decided on New Year Day 2020 to read the whole Bible in a year using a volume that put each day’s readings together: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm, Proverb (the latter repeated twice in the year). Unfortunately that meant that I trudged through the least-interesting parts of Old Testament history (so many kings & battles) during the worst times of the pandemic lockdown! But I stayed with it & indeed read every word of the Bible in a year. I won’t re-read that way! This year I am enjoying a nightly reading of The Message version of the New Testament (Eugene Peterson’s brilliant work) – I wish I’d done the Bible in a Year using his!

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    1. Oh yes, I get you about all the kings and battles in the Old Testament. Congrats on finishing your Bible in a Year project though! I’ll check out the translation you mention.


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