Gratitude List (July 31, 2022) #TToT

Hi all on this last day of July! Today I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) for a gratitude list. I’m rather late to the party, but better late than never, huh? Here goes.

1. I am grateful for some good phone talks with the care facility’s behavior specialist this week. She gave me some useful advice on how to handle my frustration with respect to my recent care review with her and my nurse practitioner from mental health.

2. I am grateful my nurse practitioner gave the get-go for me to lower my antipsychotic again. Next week, I’ll be starting with the slightly decreased dose.

3. I am grateful for a nice visit from my sister and her family. I am so grateful Janneke, my oldest niece, was really friendly with me. I tried to show her how to make a play-doh unicorn, but she may still be a bit young for that and/or I wasn’t engaging enough.

4. I am grateful I got to hold Wolke, my youngest niece, who is just two-months-old.

5. I am grateful for the belated birthday gifts my sister and her family brought me. I got four sets of cutters and a set of texture sheets to use with my polymer clay.

6. I am grateful for a delicious salami pizza with added olives and red peppers. Yum! We ordered pizza (and fries for Janneke) last Monday when my sister and her family were here.

7. I am grateful for a good visit from my mother-in-law on Friday too. We went out to have lunch, which was delicious.

8. I am grateful for no mosquitoes last night or the night before. This hopefully means my anti-mosquito device, that I’d bought last Friday when in town with my mother-in-law, is working. Either that or none had been in my room at all. I don’t really care which, as long as the critters aren’t bothering me.

9. I am grateful my pasta machine isn’t broken after all. I had experienced it’d crumble several colors of polymer clay. Even after a deep clean session, it still did this, so I thought it must be broken. Thankfully, one of the most knowledgeable people in the Dutch polymer clay Facebook group took a look at a picture I’d taken and said it wasn’t broken. Apparently it’s the clay.

10. I am grateful the new pasta machine I impulsively ordered online when thinking the current one was broken, can be returned. I will probably ask my staff to drive me to the PostNL pick-up point tomorrow. When I have my refund, I’m going to order supplies I really do need from that same store I now ordered the pasta machine from.

What are you grateful for?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List (July 31, 2022) #TToT

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, time with children can definitely be gratifying, much as, as a childfree woman, I appreciate them being someone else’s primary responsibility.


  1. Holding Wolke must have been a very special thing.

    What wonderful gifts your sister and family gave you.

    Having fries are always a good idea.

    Red peppers on pizza do good things.

    I had a teriyaki chicken pizza at my local Friday night after going to see ELVIS the movie.

    Hooray! Your pasta machine isn’t broken!

    [I think the clay may not be bonding very well or is incompatible with the pasta machine in some other way].

    [I wouldn’t mind having another pasta machine TO MAKE PASTA or to share].

    “When I have my refund, I’m going to order supplies I really do need from that same store I now ordered the pasta machine from.”


    My turn to be grateful:

    I am grateful for green waste and for warm days for concreting to lift the section of the grass which is affected by lowness [and wetness getting into the plants].

    That I was able to get outdoors. I play swingball and pickleball.

    That the Elvis movie was so excellent.

    There is a good interview about Folklore and Resistance.

    I am also grateful to Margot and Dylan for their two videos about Haym Salomon – who you may or may not know was another American Founding Father – or he funded American Independence significantly.

    [they discussed American Liberty so well, those two].

    And to Danusha and Jerzy for good links and stories – for example the one about the City University of New York [which had been everywhere on Twitter] and another one which reviewed a book about Reinhard H.

    I am grateful too for Jan Peczkis and his book lists on Amazon. I can always find one or two which are readable and contribute to reflective practice.

    And a former economics student from Warsaw wrote about a good book called RELIEF FROM HELPLESSNESS.

    That self-descriptions [like Kamala Harris] are taken seriously.

    That I found HealthUnlocked.

    That the Commonwealth Games have begun.

    And that I have been doing lots of drawing.

    For community magazines and activities.

    For example there is a Food Walk through most of August.

    And that both Traveller Saturday and Sunday were so good to read.


    1. Thank you for sharing your gratefuls! Yes, holding Wolke definitely felt good. Back in early June, when Jeroen and I went to visit the family for a belated baby shower, she was still so frail I hardly dared hold her. I still struggled to position her correctly, but not as much as I did back then.

      Some colors of polymer clay just crumble easily and require a lot of conditioning or other softening measures to become useful. It isn’t my pasta machine at all.


      1. Positioning Baby is so important.

        Among many considerations – Baby socialises and communicates through position[ing].

        The Brits have Mencap advice which brought the point home.

        And the “hardly dare hold” – I can but relate.

        Which colours tend to crumble in your experience?

        What softening measures do you use? [and then I wondered if it was in the Crafting A-Z which you had made this April].

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        1. Thank you for stopping by. I’d never heard of that Mencap thing.

          I only used to experience the crumbling with a few colors of Fimo Professional, but now I got it with a few colors of Fimo Soft too. The one that I got fresh from the package was Citrine. I don’t usually soften my clay with clay softener, although I might try Fimo Mix Quick at some point. With one of my colors, I did try adding a few drops of liquid Fimo, but to no avail. By the way, no, it wasn’t in the crafting A-Z.


  2. What wonderful things to be grateful for.
    The advice from the care facility’s behaviour specialist sounds helpful and good luck with your new dose of medication. It sounds like you have had some lovely time with your family and hooray that the pasta machine isn’t broken and you can return the new one. x

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  3. There is nothing better than holding an itty, bitty baby! And every time you talk about pizza, you make me want one! I could eat pizza every day!

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