Ways of Finding Inner Peace #31Days2021 #Blogtober21

Yay, another post today in honor of #31Days2021 and #Blogtober21! The optional day 3 prompt in the 31-day writing challenge is “Peace”. I have been very much on edge over the past couple of days, so I really could be using a sense of inner peace right now. I am not too inspired to write, especially about finding peace. To get some ideas, I reread my list of activities that give me inner peace, which I wrote about three years ago.

The activities could be divided into several categories. Some are spiritual in nature, such as meditation. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, so I’d put prayer and Bible reading in this place now.

Others are physical, such as walking or exercise. I honestly didn’t think of exercise as an activity to give me inner peace right now.

Then there are the sensory activities. I have a lot more of those available to me right now than I had back in 2018. For example, now that I have a music pillow, I can not just listen to soothing music with headphones on or through speakers in my room, but through speakers integrated into my pillow. In addition, I obviously have my essential oil diffuser and my weighted blanket now, as well as still having my sensory cat soft toy and several other stuffed animals. I can almost create a sensory room in my own bedroom.

Writing is an activity that still helps me. So does talking to my staff. When I struggle with worries, writing them out just for myself, will not usually be enough, but sending an E-mail to my staff is.

Lastly, there are of course mental strategies for dealing with distress, such as radical acceptance, opposite-acting or “worry time”. Unfortunately, I haven’t found many cognitive approaches to finding inner peace helpful at all.

What strategies or activities help you find inner peace?

20 thoughts on “Ways of Finding Inner Peace #31Days2021 #Blogtober21

  1. I can usually find peace by walking or hiking outdoors. The combination of exercise and nature (even if it’s just the nature in my city neighborhood) is really helpful. Bonus if music is included. And I never heard of a music pillow before. What an interesting idea!

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I too love walking. A music pillow is basically a pillow with small speakers in it (I don’t know how they put them in there as I really can’t feel them), which you connect to your smartphone or whatever and then play music on.

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  2. I hope you are feeling less on edge now. I love the sound of your music pillow, what a great idea. I have found if I am worried sharing my worries with someone else really helps even if it is just through email. x

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    1. Yes, the music pillow is great. My staff managed to get it for €1 at the Salvation Army shop she volunteers for. I’m glad telling someone about your worries, even through E-mail, helps you.


  3. I hope you managed to find your inner peace. I love the sound of the music pillow, I used to have sleep headphones but this sounds better. I find a walk to the beach, whatever the weather helps me. If I can’t get to the beach then just going outside and looking (in my case) and listening can soothe me. Sometimes, at home, I get into cosy clothes, put a blanket over me and read a comforting book. I love that you can create your own sensory room in your bedroom, perfect for you. xxx

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I love the sensory room experience too. Going to the beach or outdoors in general is calming indeed. I don’t live near the seaside at all, but I do like going outside for walks.


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