#WeekendCoffeeShare (October 3, 2021)

Hi everyone on this rainy Sunday. I’m joining #WeekendCoffeeShare this afternoon. I may add another post for Blogtober and the 31-day writing challenge, though neither challenge requires you to follow a topic or prompts. In this sense, this post could count as my daily post for October 3. We’ll see if I can still find time to write a post on today’s optional prompt too.

As usual, I just had my afternoon coffee, but I’m pretty sure the other clients are still having theirs. Let’s have a drink and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this week is a bit meh. It seems it’s the beginning of fall that’s causing me to feel more depressed and less inspired than usual. I have been going for a few walks over the week, but not many due to the rain. I also hardly did anything crafty. Today, I spent a lot of the morning and early afternoon in bed.

If we were having coffee, I’d share about my care plan review last Thursday. Like I said in my previous posts, it went mostly as expected. It did create some stress in me related to the upcoming reassessment of my one-on-one care. The behavior specialist also told me at this meeting that she’s going to work at another care facility that’s part of this agency, so she will no longer be assigned to my case. It’s not yet decided who her successor will be, but that should become clear pretty soon.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, the evening after the care plan review, my assigned home support staff left her shift early due to being sick. Everyone else is telling me she just has the flu, but I somehow got it in my had that she is suffering burnout and it’s my fault for having sucked up her energy too much.

This situation led to a bit of a crisis Friday night. I left my room initially looking for the late shift, but she’d already left the building. However, my room-leaving detector didn’t alert the night staff yet, probably because it was just before 10:30PM. The people who would receive my alerts at night, are at the main institution in another village and they are then supposed to call the night shift here. In other words, there is no way I can alert the night shift here directly. I went looking for help, but the outside door of the home was already locked.

This led to a bit of a panic and I went into dissociative mode. I grabbed a chair and climbed over the half-door into the kitchen (the kitchen is locked at night to prevent me entering it and self-harming). I tried to self-harm in several ways, but thankfully didn’t really get hurt. When the night staff came to get another client to bed, she saw me and helped me to my room.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, despite all the troubles, the week will likely end on a positive note. Several of us clients have not received meal delivery service meals this entire week because we were supposed to be emptying out the freezer. This did mean I got a lot of the same meals this past week and today I said, if I got noodles again, I’d ask my one-on-one to drive me to the supermarket so I could buy a salad or something. Turned out one of the other clients whose freezer was supposed to be emptied, didn’t fancy his meal for today either, so the staff agreed to order food from the local Italian restaurant. I will be getting a tuna pizza.

How have you been?

33 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (October 3, 2021)

    1. The tuna pizza was delicious! If you want to join in on this week’s #WeekendCoffeeShare, just click the link I shared in my post and you should see a post with an InLinkz linky where you can join in. Natalie hosts this every week and the linky is open from Friday till Sunday. I’d love to see you join in, it’s a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by.

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        1. Oh, I’m sorry for confusing you. #WeekendCoffeeShare is not an actual coffee share. Rather, it’s a linky party in which bloggers share updates in the form of coffee chatter posts, like the one I did here.

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            1. Well very occasionally one of the regular bloggers participating in the linky will organize a Zoom meeting too, but I haven’t participated. I’m glad I was able to clarify it for you now.

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        1. Oh, I’m not even sure we’re talking about the same kind of food then. The tuna I refer to is fish and, while canned tuna exists here, I’ve never heard of it with lemon. Is the fish too what you’re referring to or is there another meaning to the word “tuna” in English that I’m unaware of?

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            1. Oh okay, I get you now. I was thinking somehow that the tuna you referred to was some type of drink or something. I used to love canned tuna as a child. Still love it but haven’t had it in a while.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. My care definitely meets my expectations as it is now. The stress is about whether it will remain this way, as my need for one-on-one will need reassessing every year.


    1. Yes, the food was great! I usually don’t mind this particular meal with noodles, but I’d had it just a little too many times lately indeed. Have a nice week ahead.


  1. Oh Astrid. I’m so sorry you had such an unpleasant week. Sounds like you have a classic 15 steps forward followed by 1 step back, kind of time.
    Remember all the progress you’ve made and not undone. We all have bad days. Your bad day really went very bad it sounds like.
    Hang in there. Get back on track as fast as possible. I’m already proud of you for recognizing all these details. You can do this. You’ve done it so many times before.

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  2. It does sound a bit of a meh week. I am not a fan of the changing weather at the moment, it’s too wet.
    Sending love and hugs. It sounds like you had a rough evening. I am glad you didn’t hurt yourself too badly. x

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  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough week, Astrid and found yourself strained. However, from reading some of the other comments, it sounds like you’ve made good progress so try not to let a few setbacks overpower the progress you’ve made.
    Take care and best wishes,

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  4. I’m sorry it was a meh week for you and that the care plan review caused you some worry about your one-on-one. Also I’m sorry to hear about your crisis. I hope that staff will recover soon and that whatever she’s suffering with is not burnout.

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  5. I’m sorry you had a tough week and I hope your new one on one works out just the way you want it and need it to! Tuna pizza sounds interesting! Was there other toppings on it? I’m definitely curious now… I hope you have a great upcoming week!

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