Gratitude List (January 4, 2019) #TToT

Yay, it’s time for my gratitude list with #TToT once again. I am also linking up with the Word of the Day Challenge, for which the prompt is “gratitude” today. Do you want to know what I’ve been grateful for lately? I love to share!

1. Two wonderful full days at day activities between Christmas and New Year’s. There were only about five clients there each day and two staff. On Thursday, I went for a walk with one of the staff. We also ate pancakes for lunch. On Friday, the staff drove the center’s van to a restaurant in a nearby village, where we had a drink. I had hot chocolate with whipped cream. One of the clients from my group, an older man who used to drink beers with his friends regularly before he declined from a brain injury, had an alcohol-free beer. I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So did I.

2. Resting over the week-end. I was pretty tired from all the Christmassy stuff by last week Saturday. So was my husband, so we chose to have a lie-in. I normally feel bad about getting up at like noon and my husband doesn’t like it either, but neither of us minded.

3. Oil balls or whatever the English term is. These are fried balls made of the same stuff that pancakes are made of. They’re a traditional New Year’s snack here. I was nauseated from them for days, but who cares?

4. Not having gained any weight over the holiday season. That is, I may’ve lost then gained some or vice versa, but in any case I was at the exact same weight last Monday that I’d been in early November. I already mentioned this last Monday, but I’m still so grateful for it.

5. A long walk with my mother-in-law. On Wednesday, she visited me and we went for a walk into the next village. This was about a 5km walk that took us 70 minutes.

6. Horseback riding with my support worker. Yesterday, for the first time in a while, my support worker was available to assist me as I rode the horse. It was truly a lovely trip. While waiting on the taxi back home, a young man from my day activities came into the canteen. Once she’d made out that we knew each other, his staff prompted him: “Who’s that?” I was delighted to hear him say “Astrid!” I only see this man on one of my days at day activities and I hadn’t expected him to recognize me, so it was truly lovely that he did.

7. Fried chicken. Yesterday, my husband cooked a rather boring meal of macaroni with bell peppers and leek. He surprised me at the end by saying that, if I admitted this was the most delicious meal I’d ever had, he might have some chicken for me. So funny! We had wings and filet. I liked the filet better, so my husband gave that to me.

8. Getting a head massage. We havve a head massager at day activities. I love it and today, my staff were doing beauty stuff. I asked for the head massage first, but I also had my nails done.

9. Looking at an online store for sensory supplies with my staff. I already knew the store and have my sensory cat from there, but my staff hadn’t heard of it. They probably got the sensory room modeled by Barry Emons, the inventor of snoezelen, but his shop is harder to use and the itmes are more expensive than the store I found. I was totally excited ooohing and aaahing at all the lovely supplies and all the more excited because my staff was excited too. We might get some stuff for my day activities group.

10. Dancing. On Friday afternoon, one of the staff at another day activities group organizes a “prom” for the entire center. I only went once before, but today, I decided to go again. I loved it.

11. Eating French fries for the first time in a while. Today, my husband heard a doctor on the radio say that you need to go to the snack conrer once in a while or you’ll get fat, or so he said. The real talk was probably about crash diets not working, but I loved my husband twisting it to an excuse to get us fries. We also each had a burger with it.

12. The lovely blog interaction I’ve been involved with this past week. I’ve gotten more interested in reading and responding to other blogs and it probably pays off on my own blog too. Besides, I just love reading other blogs, as it inspires me too.

What have you been grateful for this past week?

7 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 4, 2019) #TToT

  1. Oh, it sounds like you had a pretty good week. 🙂 I’m glad you had fun and did so many nice things at day activities. Long walks can be very nice really. So great that you were able to horse ride this week too! Wow I guess I’ve never had a head massage but it sounds really cool. There’s always a good time for eating French fries, haha, the thing is just to find the right excuse. 😀 And especially that you haven’t had them in a while before, I think you definitely deserved them. Oh yeah interacting with other bloggers can be so very rewarding so I’m glad you experience it too. And it’s also just interesting. 🙂

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  2. “Oil balls or whatever the English term is. please, tell me they do call them ‘oil balls’… I suspect the equivalent over here in the States those are doughboys (or getting extremely regional… clam cakes) bottom line identifier: very delicious and they make you eat until sick. lol

    Item 4. the weight thing… we see that among those who participate in ‘the Gravity Challenge’ we refer to it is ‘Stable Weight’. The body seems to tend to stay at whatever weight is most consistent. Temporary weight gains tend to return to whatever the prevailing weight has been, unless one continues with an increased intake…which simply changes the Stable Weight.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. That’s so interesting about the stable weight. And yes, in Dutch they’re called a literal translation of “oil balls”.


  3. I’m not exactly sure what “oil balls” translates to, but I’m afraid we have many foods that could be described that way! :-0
    How wonderful that you made it through the holidays without weight gain! I am getting back into a normal routine, so hopefully that “stable weight” concept Clark talks about will hold true.
    It sounds like you had great activities the past couple of weeks! Happy New Year!

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  4. The oil balls do sound a lot like what are referred to as doughnut holes in our area. They are served either covered in powdered sugar, plain, or sometimes in a cinnamon sugar coating. One year I ate too many cake doughnuts one day, and ever since have had no desire to eat them again.

    The long walk with your mother-in-law sounds like a great time to enjoy the scenery and to chat.

    I enjoyed a head massage once during a massage treatment. Very relaxing.

    Hope you enjoy the coming week.

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