I am once again joining in with #JusJoJan. Yesterday I did write, of course, but I didn’t link up, since my post wasn’t for the prompt. Today’s prompt is to share about your blogging endeavors. Why did you start blogging? How did you come up with your theme? How has blogging affected your life? And so on.

I probably shared this on my older blogs a couple of times already, but I don’t think I jotted about my blogging on here. I was probably destined to be a blogger, as even as a young teen in the late 1990s, I longed for someone to read what I’d written. Not my parents, of course, but I was pretty open about my writing otherwise. My father at one point joked that I showed my new best friend my diary the first time she visited me. I didn’t, but I did show her some personal writings of mine. Those got her to feel pity for me. The friendship wasn’t healthy to begin with, as I was needy and clingy. The friendship ended not even half a year later. Today, I won’t go into that. It only serves to prove that I was very open in my writing from an early age on.

I got a computer with Internet access in May of 2002, when I was fifteen. Within six months of that, I’d started an online diary. The contents of that diary, unlike those of many of my later attempts at keeping a blog, are still available online. Their original location, on DiaryLand, might even still exist.

In February of 2007, I created my WordPress account and moved the contents of my diary to my first legitimate blog. This diary had over the years started to contain some more essay-like posts besides the diary-style navel-gazing. However, with DiaryLand, there was no way of organizing your posts by categories or tags. My parents criticized me for being too personal in my diary. I didn’t intend on becoming less so, but now I could put all my navel-gazing into a category called “Personal” for people to skip.

I have had three blogs (if I include this one) that were lasting. First, I had said blog moved from DiaryLand. Then I had Blogging Astrid, which I originally intended to keep alongside this blog. That didn’t work.

A Multitude of Musings, the blog you are now reading, is, in fact, a restart of another relatively long-lasting blog I wrote in 2011. I am a bit sad that I deleted its content years ago, but I can’t undo that. Still, my stats say the day I had the most views was in 2011.

Blogging has had a huge impact on my life. My husband checked out my blog – the one that had been moved from DiaryLand – before he asked to meet me in real life. This meant he already knew me pretty well before we’d first met. In this sense, my marriage makes up for the friendship I wrote about above, as my husband chooses to stick by me despite my openness. I don’t encourage him to read my blog now, but if he wants to, he can. He’s occasionally been cross with me for sharing something about him. I try only to share the positive now.

Why did you decide to start blogging? How has blogging impacted your life?

4 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. JusJoJan is set up so that you can link to that day even if you don’t follow the prompt. I know, because I don’t usually follow the prompts, although I did today. If you write a post that isn’t One-Liner Wednesday or Stream of Consciousness Saturday, you can use the JusJoJan badge as usual and post whatever you want.

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  2. Interesting! I started on LiveJournal, and I’m sure there was something else in there as well, but I can’t for the life of me think of what the site was called.
    Thanks so much for sharing! 😀

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  3. I like the fact that you are open and more that your husband was reading your blog and appreciate your openness.. Its a blessing! Writing helps me to vent my thoughts into a space I have created but also accessible by others. Because I am all about wanting to improve myself and open to critisism and I am on about how to make things better than they are!

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  4. I am not a great writer. Never kept a diary and the teachers at school said I was too stupid to learn or study.

    I once tried a kind of blog but it simply did not work out for me. I was already an adult as the first computer was introduced…about 1985 I think.. the home compute. Sponsered by work.

    First Internet access? I do not know. It was by phone and for sure way better as the present 4G I should have. The only access it gives me at most times is whatsapp.

    I was looking for a storyteller. I love stories. It turned out to be I am the story teller so I started about 1-1.5 year ago at Yoors and Steem mainly for my kids. It did not all work out fine. I think I am more serious about writing since June last years and I try to improve it. I try to join contests and learn from other people. I simply have not much time left over to write down the stories I told my kids for years and still do.

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