#IWSG: Am I a Writer?


About three years ago, I told my then day activities staff that the number one item on my bucket list would be to write my autobiography. I have said I want to be a writer too many times. Now of course I am a blogger, and my blog posts consist exclusively of words, but does that count?

To kick myself in the butt a bit, I am joining in with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG). This is a group of (aspiring) writers who encourage each other via monthly blog hops, a Facebook group and more. I’m still not sure I belong there, as I don’t even know whether I still intend on ever publishing that autobiography, even if I get to write it. I am not sure I’m good enough to publish anything. Of course, I already got a piece published in an anthology in 2015, but does that really count? Besides, it was non-fiction and I’m still unsure whether the IWSG is intended for fiction writers only. Given that my biggest supporter in life, my husband, says my fiction is rather unimaginative, I don’t think I’ll ever attempt my hand at that again, even though sometimes I want to. Insecure I am, at least. The question is whether I’m a writer.

One of the ideas of the IWSG blog hop is to answer monthly questions about your writing. This month’s question is about questions: what are the most and least favorite questions people ask about your writing? I think my favorite questions are about my process and the least favorite ones are about the content. I hate it when my husband asks me what I’m blogging about, because I construct my blog posts as I write. I also write much better than I speak, so I would rather just show someone what I’ve been writing than summarize it. Then again, I don’t like showing those close to me what I’ve written either.

What about you? Are you an insecure writer?

13 thoughts on “#IWSG: Am I a Writer?

  1. As you, I am not sure whether I can say I’m a writer, I’ve been blogging for years, writing some short stories just for myself, translating some poetry, or trying to anyway haha, journalling, and having plans for a couple novels, as well as drafts for them and some bits and pieces that I’ve already written, but still, I don’t know whether I’m going or whether I want to publish any of it, and still neither of my novels is even finished, so, yeah, don’t know if I’m a writer, depends on what it means for whom I guess. But insecure I am for sure as well. 😀 Also I can relate to you in that I can write much better than speak and actually like it more as it helps me to express myself better, but on the other hand showing my scribbles to those I’m close to in real life is something I don’t really like, too, maybe it’s simply because I’m usually far more open and expressive in my writing than speech, so it feels risky, even if I’m not writing about myself.

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    1. That makes total sense. Most of my short stories tended to have a lot of autobiographical elements even if they weren’t intended to, so I was still showing a lot of myself with them.

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  2. Of course you’re a writer. Writers write. Fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, blogs, plays, commercials, ads – the list goes on. And you’ve noted that you already have a piece published, so you’re a published author. This is a great group for all writers – welcome aboard.l

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  3. Astrid,

    the Insecure Writers Group is for everybody.

    The first time I encountered it was through Carrie-Anne [she just published some wonderful books about Russia in the mid-20th-century] and her mates.

    And that third paragraph is like me.

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  4. Welcome aboard! Of COURSE you’re a writer. It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do. It all counts, and this is definitely where you belong. This is a wonderfully helpful group of people.

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