Gratitude List (September 30, 2022) #TToT

Good morning everyone! I was up at 7AM today and am ready to blog. Today, I am writing a gratitude list. As usual, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful I was able to break the cycle of compulsive exercising before it got too bad. Last Saturday, I didn’t meet my exercise goal on my Apple Watch and, now that I didn’t have a perfect month anyway, I was able to let go of the need to meet all my goals everyday and just do what feels good.

2. I am grateful for my health. I’ve been having a sore throat for a week or so. It isn’t bad, just slightly annoying. In this regard, I am grateful I don’t have COVID. And yes, even though I don’t have any other symptoms, I took a test on Sunday just in case.

3. I am grateful for a comforting talk with the manager for my current care home. She was able to answer some of my more important questions about the new care home.

4. I am grateful my husband was content with the new care home and quite happy to see me move in there. In his own words, it is a “significant improvement” over my current care home.

5. I am grateful for muesli rolls. On Tuesday, we couldn’t find anything to eat for lunch that I like, so my staff offered to drive to the supermarket. I chose muesli rolls, which aren’t what I usually have. I am grateful my staff felt that these were within reason so the care facility would pay for them.

6. I am grateful for blueberries. On the same trip to the supermarket, we bought blueberries too. They were still reasonably priced even though I think blueberry season is over here.

7. I am grateful for the support of my staff as I navigate the stress of transferring to the new care home. I still had some worries on Wednesday and even on Thursday after I’d made my decision, but my staff are able to support me through them. So is the behavior specialist.

8. I am grateful my sister reacted positively to me moving to the main institution. She, in fact, said she will now be able to visit more often, as the main institution is close to Apeldoorn, where her in-laws live. She enthusiastically planned a first visit for October 8, the Saturday after I move in.

9. I am grateful for a somewhat relaxed text convo with my mother. I informed her that I’m moving, to which surprisingly she reacted pretty supportively. She did put in a few comments about the possibility that I could learn to walk around grounds on my own (which I might at some point, but it isn’t a given) and that I could help prepare food, but oh well. Both of these comments wouldn’t have bothered me had they not come from her, actually.

10. I am grateful for some weight loss when I stepped onto the scales today. I lost 0.3kg compared to last week, which is pretty much what I’d expected.

What are you grateful for?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List (September 30, 2022) #TToT

  1. I felt the same when I got my smart watch, I felt the need to exercise more and more and reach my targets. I am glad you got a negative Covid test. Every symptom now is a worry.
    It sounds like everyone around you is happy for you to move to the new care home. I hope the move goes well, you are bound to worry but it will be worth it. x

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comment. I am so happy my COVID test was negative. I kept worrying about what if I contracted COVID just before the move and, though the worry isn’t over until I’ve actually moved, at least I didn’t turn out to have COVID and give it to the residents at the new home on my orientation visit.

      Yes, my staff are very glad that we’ve found a more suitable care home for me. My own fellow residents likely don’t understand, but a resident from another home here whom I’m quite close with, was a bit emotional when I told her.


  2. That’s really good that you don’t feel the need anymore to exercise as much as your Apple Watch tells you that you should but just do it when and how much you want it yourself. Now that I have an Apple Watch myself, I can see how it’s really very likely to just get caught up in the filling of rings for all means or else one ends up feeling unfulfilled or something, especially when someone shares their activity with other people as a lot seem to do without considering that their activity levels may vary greatly. That’s why I personally just set my activity goals to what I’d normally achieve during an average day, or actually am still in the process of adjusting them and figuring out what feels right without either being too lax or me doing something for the sake of the Apple Watch.
    That’s so great that your questions about the new care home have been answered and that your current staff are so supportive with the whole thing, and that your husband likes the place as well. Also cool that you’ll possibly be able to see your sister and her family more frequently.
    I think that stage between when you make a decision and the thing actually taking place can be the worst, wondering whether you’ve made the right one but not really being able to change it anymore.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I agree with you about the Apple Watch and other people sharing their activity. I did participate in a challenge on an app called Challenges a few weeks ago and it was quite motivating but not necessarily in a good way.

      I am indeed very happy my husband likes the new home too. I am also glad my questions were answered. Yes, you’re right, the stage between my having made the decision and the actual move, is quite stressful, though honestly not as stressful now that the behavior specialist answered my questions too.

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  3. Taking a COVID test was the first thing I did when I started getting sick. It’s sad that’s what we need to do now. You could be sick from stress. It sounds like all will go well, get some rest before you move.

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    1. I agree, it’s really sad that the first thing we need to do when we’re sick is take a COVID test. In a way though, it’s a little comforting too, in the sense that COVID is something concrete. Like, you know, I used to think I wasn’t sick if I didn’t run a fever, so whenever I felt sick, I’d take my temperature and, if it was normal, I wasn’t sick. It’s like that with COVID now even though the common cold and flu etc. still exist too.


  4. I identified with Grat #1 (#2 as well), it’s good whenever I can manage to trick myself out of making a goal something more than it should be… which, imo, is a measure of progress. (And, a temporary, if not transitory one at that!)

    We have left Summer behind here (southern New England US) and I now look forward to…. next summer. lol talk about goals that we can embrace that cost more than we realize.
    have a good week ahead

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  5. Moving is a stressful thing, even when it is a positive move. I’m glad you are able to get your questions answered and that everything seems to be going smoothly.

    Hope you feel better soon. Glad it’s not covid, but it’s still not fun to have a sore throat.

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    1. Thanks so much. Yes, the move is definitely stressful even though it’s positive too. As for the sore throat, I’d almost forget about it, since yesterday and Tuesday I was badly sick to my stomach too. That’s gone now and hopefully it was just stress or something.


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