Joy in September

Hi everyone. How is it the end of September already? I pretty much forgot the month is almost over, but since it is, it’s time for me to write an update on my word of the year: “JOY”. I am linking up with Lisa’s One Word linky. I am also joining the Word of the Year linky.

September started out with good news, as, on the very first day of the month, I heard that I was first on the waiting list for what I now refer to as the prospective new care home. This gave me some renewed energy, but also stress. I was warned that the wait might still be six months or so. “That’s super quick,” my husband said. Well, those who’ve read my blog over the past couple of weeks, know that it’s gone even quicker: tomorrow, I am to decide whether I want to move to the home and, if I want to (which I do), I’ll move next Wednesday, October 5.

Considering this, the whole month of September flew by in a bit of a haze, in which I was both hyper with excitement and overwhelmed with worry. I am still both as I type this post, in fact. Consequently, I hardly found any clear moments of joy that were just that. After all, things I did feel delight or joy over, were also laden with some level of anxiety or anticipation. For example, at my husband’s and my visit to Ikea, I was thinking about what to buy for the new home.

The month of September, of course, was also the month my iPhone and Apple Watch got their updates and I got really used to my Apple Watch. For the first few weeks of the month, I was compulsively moving to get far beyond my activity goals. This past Friday, my dietitian did caution me against it. The next day, with some emotional struggle, I let a day go by when I didn’t fill all my rings. That seems to have broken the cycle, as I’m now able to be a bit easier on myself. For example, yesterday I was sick to my stomach all day, so really didn’t feel like exercising. I am relieved I am able to permit myself these days now too.

For the month of October, I am of course looking forward to enjoying real food, as the staff at the new home cook homemade meals everyday there. I am also hoping to enjoy visits from family, as I have a few planned already for the first week at my new home. Other than that, I am expecting to have a lot of getting used to at the new home, so I’m just hoping to enjoy some everyday pleasures.

22 thoughts on “Joy in September

    1. Thanks so much! Today is the day I’m supposed to decide whether I want to move there, but I have already decided I want to. The 5th is likely going to be quite stressful with all the moving, but I really hope I’ll be comfortable settling in at the new home soon.


  1. HI Astrid I know how trying to close the 3 rings each day on my Apple Watch can really take over and your dietitian is right. It is good to have goals especially healthy lifestyle goals but we need to also understand that life can sometimes take us off track and that’s okay. I was on my longest streak of movement and the other day I just couldn’t do it. I had to let go and accept that. Thanks so much for linking up with us for the WOTY link up and I wish you well with your move xx

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  2. Isn’t it something that even with joyful things, we can still have anxiety mixed in. We can feel more than one thing at once, obviously. I guess it’s good that we feel joy as one of those things anyway! 🙂

    I’m excited for you about your new move. I hope it will go as smoothly as possible and that you adapt to your new surroundings quickly and easily. Glad you shared your update with us at the One Word linkup!

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