TGIF: October

Hi all. It’s the last day of September (duh!) and I haven’t written enough posts this month. That is, if I want to aim for 300 posts in 2022, I’ll need to have written 225 now. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, since both October and December have 31 days and September has only 30, but oh well.

In any case, today’s optional theme for Paula’s TGIF is “October”. Paula asks us what our plans are for the month.

Of course, October’s main theme for me is moving to the main institution care home and settling in there. Today, I packed my first box. I also told all fellow residents I’m close to. The one in my own home at first hardly reacted, but now seems to understand to some degree. The woman in the care home down the road became a little emotional. I gave her a matching necklace and bracelet. The guy in the care home next to mine, the one with the chickens, reacted understandingly when I explained that the people in my new home are of a higher intellectual level. “So more like you and me?” he inquired. Yes, like that. I gave him the polymer clay sun, because he’s usually in a sunny mood. He gave me an egg he’d collected from one of his chickens this morning.

I already have two visits from my family planned in the first week of my stay at the new home. On October 8, my sister and her family will be coming by and my mother-in-law will visit me on October 11.

Besides settling into the new home, October will be a busy blogging month. I am participating in the 31-day writing challenge once again, although I won’t even attempt to do a landing page this time around. I usually just sign up for the prompts and to have some reason to blog everyday, even though I haven’t completed the challenge in years. There is of course also Blogtober, for which there are prompts this year too. I am not sure what I’ll do with those. All this to say, my cares about not having written enough during September, are really not all that important. Besides, no-one is going to come after me if I don’t write 300 posts in 2022.

11 thoughts on “TGIF: October

  1. Three months since the polymer clay sun was made

    [and I am glad it went to the man with the chickens].

    Was it a Good Egg?

    I remember the poem:

    ‘Thirty days hath September
    April; June and November
    all the rest have thirty-one days clear
    Except February 28 unless in a leap year’.

    So your blogging goal for 2022 was to write 300 posts?

    So much box-packing going on!

    The blog challenge that I think of during October is “31 for 21” as in the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

    [and last year there was a very cool challenge about childhood and nostalgia].

    I had read this 30 September post first – before the gratitudes about your family coming to visit

    [and what you said to your mother – and she to you].

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I’d never heard of that Down Syndrome-related challenge. The 31-day writing challenge is just a challenge to write everyday in October and there are one-word prompts should you choose to do freewrites or whatever. It evolved out of #Write31Days, which was a challenge where you had to pick a theme and write on it everyday in October.

      I haven’t tried the egg yet. I think I’m going to fry it on Tuesday and eat it for lunch.


  2. Good luck with the packing and the move to your new care home. How kind of you to be giving people close to you gifts. That is good that you have a couple of people visiting you in the first week at your new home. x

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I’m happy about the visits too and I’m myself very happy to be giving these things away, as it means less stuff to take to the new home with me.


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