Joy in February

Last month, I shared my one word for 2022: JOY. Today, I want to share an update on how I’ve been doing with this one word. I am joining the Word of the Year link-up, which I didn’t join in with last month (because I didn’t see it on time to join in), as well as Lisa’s One Word linky.

Overall, I’ve been doing pretty well remembering my word for the year and seeking joy in the ordinary moments. I didn’t experience any mind-blowingly delightful moments, but I did enjoy the everyday.

In particular, what I’m happy about, is that I found joy in the treats I could have every now and again now that I’m on a healthy food plan and don’t allow myself to indulge in whatever I please. Now that I have COVID, I’ve ditched the diet and am more or less allowing myself to eat what I want, but I’m still not overeating, thankfully. I mean, I have a bag of licorice on my table (under the guise of it helping with sore throat, which I don’t even have right now), which I could’ve eaten all in one sitting had I not been mindful. Instead, I am truly savoring each sweet.

I also enjoyed my creative hobbies quite a bit over the past month. Though in this respect, I still look to improve myself, I can still find joy in the mere act of creating. Earlier this week, I found intense joy in my first polymer clay color mixing experiment.

Because I sometimes struggle to find the energy to start “larger” activities such as polymer clay, I also asked my day activities staff about some easier to get started activities. She brought me a simple game with a board and insertable small pieces in different colors. I have been enjoying doing this activity with my staff or alone.

Lastly, I didn’t see my husband a lot over the past month, but I did enjoy speaking to him on the phone and texting him everyday. I obviously won’t say that seeing him less made me appreciate his visits more, as I wish we could have seen each other each week. However, it definitely was a lesson in enjoying the ordinary and delighting in the extraordinary.

Finally, both my husband and mother-in-law have been very sympathetic now that they know I have COVID. I am truly grateful for both of their thoughtful text messages. I also was positively surprised to get a call from my sister as soon as I posted about my positive COVID test on Facebook early Wednesday morning. You might think that the fact that I was surprised, means I view her negatively, as I assume most people expect their family to sympathize when they have COVID. While I admit this is in part true, I also think I shouldn’t take sympathy for granted.

29 thoughts on “Joy in February

    1. Thank you. We don’t have red licorice here, but it’s sweet, honey-flavored. I can’t stand the salty kind. I’m really hoping I’m back to feeling well soon indeed.


  1. Hi Astrid, I’m so sorry to hear about your positive Covid test, I hope you are ok.
    I’m totally with you about the joy of creating and to focus on and find joy in that process. My guitar teacher always remind me of that, to enjoy the process rather than the result.

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    1. Hi Susanne, thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I’m okay, thanks for asking. I agree completely that the process of creating is at least as important as the result. Also, as Julia Cameron (of The Artist’s Way) says, you need to be a bad artist first before you can be a good artist (or something like that). I mean, that’s what learning is all about.

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  2. Hi Astrid, I do hope you’re recovering now and starting to feel better, it’s not much fun at all for you. But on the plus side you have been noticing small joys and that’s good! Thanks for joining in with us on the linkup.

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  3. Hello Astrid. Joy is a beautiful choice for WOTY. I have four values I try to live by, and joy is one of them. I’m happy that you are able to find the joy in everyday moments, even while you are ill. Sending love and healing your way!

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