My One Word for 2022

Ever since 2014 or 2015 I think, I’ve been sharing a word of the year on my blog. I’ve never been paying close attention to them over the rest of the year and, as a result, they never meant much to me. This year, I intend to change that. I’ve signed up to a project organized by Lisa of Lisa Notes called One Word 2022. Lisa has a Facebook group dedicated to discussing our One Word and a monthly linky that goes live each 22nd of the month. I originally intended to wait until then to write this post, but I feel inspired to write it now and Lisa said to write whenever you feel like writing.

The year 2021 was a really creative year, so initially I thought to choose a word such as “Create” for 2022. This year though hasn’t started off on a crafty note. Besides, isn’t the point of a word of the year to challenge yourself?

I came across a post on another blog a few days back (sorry, I can’t remember which blog) reminding the reader about the qualities of a follower of Christ, such as kindness, patience, etc. One of them was joyfulness and there I had my word. My One Word for 2022 is going to be: JOY. defines “Joy” as: “The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.”

“Something exceptionally good”, however, is subjective. For this year, I intend to look for joy in the everyday. I am reminded in this respect of a note on the wall in my mental health agency building that says: “Be grateful for the little things; at some point you’ll realize they’re the big things.”

This year, I will aim to focus on cultivating a grateful, positive attitude towards whatever I experience in life. I don’t need more of anything. Life itself is a reason to rejoice.

What’s your word for 2022?

I’m joining #LifeThisWeek.

36 thoughts on “My One Word for 2022

  1. So glad you’ve joined our Facebook group, Astrid! Your word Joy is a great choice. And your perspective on it feels so right to me, too: “focus on cultivating a grateful, positive attitude towards whatever I experience in life. I don’t need more of anything. Life itself is a reason to rejoice.” Yes.

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    1. Yes, I love your Word of the Week. The difference is though that you do them in retrospect, whereas I try to set my word for 2022 as an intention. I participate in Word of the Week occasionally too.


  2. I had JOY as my WOTY a number of years ago and had fun with it that year. I found a coffee mug that has the quote “Find joy in each day” and used it every morning. I still do.

    I also wrote down a list of 31 little things that give me joy…. called it my Jolts of Joy list. And then decided how to incorporate those things into daily life. It was little things – like writing with fine tip blue pens (not the medium tip black ones we had at work!). Yes, I bought a box and still to this day write in my journal in fine tip blue pen (and feel joy in doing it). I also bought high-quality sheets – another jolt of joy for me was really nice hotel sheets. A women I know had pink champagne on her list and now always has a bottle chilled and will open it for lots of occasions. I read this morning someone talking about using their good china every day now because it brought them joy using it. So many opportunities to find joy in each day!

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    1. I love the idea of that list, thank you for sharing it. Indeed, it’s the little things in life that we can add to our daily routine that can bring us joy. The fact that we don’t need more of anything, does not contradict that.

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  3. I haven’t chosen a year but love your choice of joy. I often ponder the difference between joy, happiness and contentment which I see on a sliding scale of longevity. With joy being sporadic and coming in moments. But more memorable for that reason.

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  4. It is so important to cultivate joy in ourselves, in spite of all the painful experiences and powerful forces that would snuff it out. I remember reading in Madeleine L’Engle (who may have been quoting someone else) that the difference between happiness and joy is suffering. That always stuck with me and made me want to seek that mature kind of wisdom, which can be joyful no matter what the circumstances. I’m still seeking! This is my very first One Word journey and my word is CONNECT. I look forward to connecting with you and all the other participants during the year.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing that thought with me! That makes so much sense. I mean, it is easy to feel happy when all is going well, but to find joy when we experience hardship, that’s the real challenge. Good luck on your journey with your One Word for 2022.

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  5. I was the same way with my WOTY last year (the only year I’ve chosen one!) and decided that joining in with Lisa should really help me remember to focus on that word throughout the year and not just for the first few weeks of the year. I hope you find lots of JOY this year!

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    1. Oh, a gratitude journal is awesome! I think I’ll try to start one now too. In fact, I have one in my diary app, but I forget to keep it consistently. Thanks for the encouragement.

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