Reading Wrap-Up (January 10, 2022) #IMWAYR

Hi everyone. The year has been off to a good start in the reading department. Like I said when sharing my hopes for 2022, I fully intend on getting back into the reading groove. So far, it all seems to be going magical. Let me share what I’ve been reading recently. As usual, I’m linking up with #IMWAYR.

What I’m Currently Reading

First, somehow, I can’t remember exactly how but I believe it was through Goodreads, I stumbled upon A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult. The endings of the two Picoult books I’ve read before, My Sister’s Keeper and Handle With Care, were horribly disappointing, but I still loved her writing style enough that I want more. A Spark of Light is also a shorter read compared to her other books still on my TBR shelf, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Then, on Thursday, Maggie Hartley’s latest foster care memoir, Behind Closed Doors, came out as an eBook. I immediately bought it on Apple Books and am 81% done with it now. That’s pretty far considering I haven’t been totally engrossed in it.

Finally, yesterday, in response to #JusJoJan, I saw a post talking about a book on unicorns. It immediately inspired me to want to read a children’s book on unicorns too. I chose a book suited for slightly older children than this blogger’s granddaughter’s read, although I may read My Secret Unicorn at some point too. I decided to read the first installment in the Unicorn University series by Daisy Sunshine. This book is called Twilight, Say Cheese!. I am not yet done with the book, but am hoping to finish it later tonight.

What I Recently Finished Reading

Nothing. The most recent book I finished was Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor just before Christmas. I finished that book in one sitting, but only because it was such a short read. I enjoyed it and was intrigued by it, but I didn’t think it was as amazing as other people had said it was. I blame that on the fact that I’m not that much of a literary critic.

I still have a number of books I’m currently reading that I started way back in the first half of 2021, like After the Cure by Deirdre Gould. However, I’m quite likely not finishing those.

What I think I’ll Read Next

I am planning on reading some more chapter books on magical creatures. I currently have the first book in the Mermicorn Island series by Jason June, forgot its title, downloaded off Bookshare and am probably going to read that as soon as I finish the Daisy Sunshine chapter book. Either that or the next installment in her series.

I feel a little weird for reading mostly chapter books right now, but I’m trying to counter that with the argument that I’m not a literary critic after all. For this reason, reading doesn’t have to be a chore. Rather, I read for pleasure and that’s what matters.

10 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up (January 10, 2022) #IMWAYR

  1. Love it! I got off to a good start to my year by reading The Chosen by Chaim Potok. I ended last year with A Gentleman in Moscow which was also a fabulous read.

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    1. Oh, I remember reading The Chosen in high school. I can’t remember what it was about in general but I do recall some details I liked. Thank you for sharing.


  2. My very first Jodi Picoult book back in 2008 was My Sister’s Keeper and it got me hooked on her. I must admit I loved it because I didn’t see the ending coming. I went and got her entire backlist and found some good ones there too. In recent years, I haven’t enjoyed her books as much. I do have her latest – Wish you were here – but haven’t gotten to it yet. Have a wonderful reading year ahead!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I liked that I didn’t see the ending coming with My Sister’s Keeper too, but then with Handle With Care having a similar ending I got disappointed. Like I said, these are the only two Picoult books I’ve read so far.


    1. Oh, that’s so interesting, thanks for sharing. I love books that bring out a lot of emotion too, but I tend to dislike it when they leave me emotional for a long time after the ending, particularly if the ending was bad like with Handle With Care. or (to a lesser extent, if you get what I mean) My Sister’s Keeper.


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