My Ideal Home

I’ve been thinking since yesterday about the prompt I mentioned I found in Day One: What would your ideal home look like? And since I have nothing else I want to write about right now, I thought I’d paint a word picture of my ideal home. Of course, this post is going to describe the physical look of the house. Like I said yesterday, home is where I can be myself and that cannot mostly be achieved with material things.

I’m going to design my ideal home as I want my living space to be. I’m assuming in this case that, if it will be a home where I live with my husband, he’ll get his own space. I am also not going to bother with practicalities such as having to clean a large space, since, well, this is just a dream.

First, my house would have a bottom floor and a top floor. It might have an attic too for storing random bits and stuff, but I haven’t decided on that one yet. In my husband’s and my real homes, both back in the tiny village and in Lobith, I could not/cannot reach the attic, after all.

The bottom floor would have a living room with two very comfy, large couches. In addition, there’d be a recliner. There’d be a living room table just about big enough for drinking tea. There’d of course be a TV.

The living room would be attached to the dining room, where there’d be a dining table. We’d have an open kitchen, so it’d be in the dining room really. That way, if my husband is cooking and I’m in the living room or diner, we can still talk.

The kitchen would of course have an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher and a stove. If I get my way (and yes, I do, as this is my blog!), it’ll be an induction stove.

Then on to the top floor. That floor would have three separate bedrooms for me: one bedroom which I’d share with my husband, one sensory room and a craft room. Oh, I’d also need an office, but that’s as simple as a desk and a chair so could be crammed in with one of the other rooms.

The sensory room would of course have a water bed with its own internal music system. It would also have an essential oil diffuser. Other than that, there’d be lots of soft toys, and my yoga mat and fitness ball.

The craft room would have enough room for a table to work on and a chair, as well as lots of storage shelves. It would have its own microwave, fridge and sink to clean my hands.

Lastly, there’d be a bathroom. That one would have a bathtub that could be filled enough with warm water to cover my entire body (my care facility’s bathtub can’t). There’d also be a separate shower for when I don’t feel like having a bath. There’d obviously be a washbasin to brush my teeth at. I don’t think I’d want a second toilet here. Now of course I forgot to put a first one at the bottom floor, but oh well, I’m not an actual architect, am I?

That’s it I think. What would you want to include in your ideal home?

15 thoughts on “My Ideal Home

  1. I love my current home ~ a condo I share with a friend. It would be nice to have a craft/puzzle room, off-limits to kitties! Oh, and also a private patio or balcony. Our balcony is just a walkway that’s connected to everyone else’s…

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    1. Oh yes, that makes sense, you dreaming of a private patio or balcony. I’m pretty happy with my current room in the care facility too and one of the things I like is that I have a balcony.

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    1. Yes, I get that. We have one at the day center, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, we can’t access it at the moment as another home gets their day activities in that part of the day center.

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    1. LOL, thanks, but it’s just me dreaming. My husband and I just bought a home in 2019 and with the current house market, we won’t be able to afford another home ever at all. And like I said, comfort can’t be found in material things usually.

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    1. Oh yes, the attic… My parental home in which I grew up had a really huge attic, really more like a third floor, since it had three medium-sized bedrooms in it. I liked that. Thank you for visiting.

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  2. You have a lovely home Astrid.

    If I could have my fantasy home, it would also include a sensory room, a quiet prayer room, an office and a craft room. All separately decorated as I would have unlimited money to spend. My kitchen is already quite large (which I insisted on when we built this house) but I would still prefer more workspace and I would love a second oven. If I could change my living room, I would add on the omitted “morning room” to make it a larger area, but we cut that out of the budget. Anyway, if I could actually have my fantasy house made up my way, I would also need a team of house cleaners to keep it clean.

    Then again…I think I would be happy living in a one room cabin in the woods so long as it had a functioning kitchen area and an indoor bathroom with a shower.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your dreams. I understand you’d need a team of cleaners to clean your dream house too, as would I. As for having a cabin in the woods, that wouldn’t be on my wishlist at all, as I’d get lonely.

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