Gratitude List (November 21, 2020) #TToT

It’s been forever since I last did a gratitude list. I just checked and it’s been five weeks. These weeks have been incredibly hard. I am really struggling to stay positive. I am going to try to come up with some gratefuls anyway. As usual, I’m joining in with #TToT. I’m typing this post on my iPhone, which I hardly ever do nowadays, so sorry for any typing glitches.

1. My husband! Even with our not living together and only talking on the phone most days, he tells me many times a day that he loves me. I am struggling to feel such a powerful emotion due to my current state of depression, but I’m trying to love him back.

2. My faith. My husband, who I always thought was a strong atheist since leaving theology school, has taken a renewed interest in Christianity and this has encouraged me. Today, he recommended a book called You Are Beloved. I am a very progressive believer, but I’ll definitely give this book a try.

3. My staff. They have been so kind to me despite my challenging behavior.

4. My community psychiatric nurse. She has been very helpful.

5. Pizza. Okay, on to the superficial stuff. My husband and I ordered a delicious pizza today. No, not from Domino’s and I must say this one is better!

6. Cheesecake. Two of my fellow clients had their birthdays this past week and another client got to help the staff make cheesecake.

7. Homemade noodles. That same client made those for us on Monday. He used minced meat instead of chicken, but still it was so delicious.

8. Lots of walking. So far this week, I nearly surpassed my step record from last week. I didn’t get in as many minutes in active heartrate zones, but that’s okay.

9. The ability to write and blog. I am not writing as much as I’d like, but at least I’m still writing.

10. A good night’s sleep last night. And yay for no nightmares that I can remember!

What have you been grateful for?

27 thoughts on “Gratitude List (November 21, 2020) #TToT

  1. These are lovely and yes, they do sound positive. I’ve been poorly this week .. just an ongoing thing, but as I sit here beside a lovely fire, with my iPad on my lap typing away, I feel no pain. Just warmth, the peace and quiet and for the first time in a while, a little bit of relaxation. For that I am grateful. Katie

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      1. Awww thanks! Umm, can I take that back again though as it’s back! I’m sitting here on the sofa with a hot water bottle trying not to wake up the household and waiting for. Yet more pain medication to kick in! Oh dear. Perhaps I could change my gratitude to be that the knowledge I’m with lovely people and when they’re all awake and the sun comes up everything will feel much better. 🙂

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  2. Pizza. Cheesecake. Homemade noodles. Perfect components for a list of thankfuls! Glad you joined us again this week! I think about you often and always wish you well.

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  3. good to see you here at the ‘oT again
    It is a very positive place, and everything shared is a benefit to the group, if not the individual
    writing (TToT posts) has a way of giving us a brief respite, if only by virtue of the time we spend constructing these items in these posts.
    have the best week possible

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