Gratitude List (September 18, 2020) #TToT

It’s Friday, yay! It’s the Friday there are no day activities, so I spent most of my morning and part of the afternoon in bed. I’m feeling a bit tired and down in the dumps, so I thought I’d do a gratitude list. As always, I’m linking up with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT).

1. The weather. Early in the week, the temperatures reached over 30 degrees Celsius. I loved being able to wear a skirt for what might be one of the last days this year.

2. Going for walks. I reached my step goal of 10K steps a day three times this week.

3. The scenery. I cannot fully enjoy it, of course, as I’m blind, but I do appreciate it.


4. Taking pictures with my phone. I, of course, needed some help taking them and still needed to delete several because my finger was showing. However, I loved the ability to do it. I’m still not planning on following the rule of a picture with every post, as that just won’t work for me.

5. The sensory garden. I spent some time in it on Tuesday afternoon. I loved smelling the rosemary. Sadly, the lavender had already stopped flowering. I also loved listening to the little stream of water.

Sensory Garden

6. Wraps. We made those for lunch on Thursday and I loved them. I had three of them. We had them filled with chicken, lettuce, cucumber and red pesto.

7. Soap making, of course. I loved being inspired to make some soaps again and am planning on making more. One of the staff is retiring next week, so I’ll make one for her.

8. My essential oil diffuser. Okay, its buttons are almost stuck, but not completely, so I can still use it. Last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I diffused a store-bought essential oil blend called Sweet Dreams into it. I am already on the lookout for a new diffuser in case this one stops working altogether. I also have been looking at recipes to make my own blends.

9. Special interests. And people who listen to me perseverating about them. My current special interest is, of course, soap making and aromatherapy. I have been loving telling a new staff, who will be replacing the retiring staff, all about how to make soap, lip balm, essential oil blends and such.

10. My husband, of course. It’s our ninth wedding anniversary tomorrow, so how can I not mention him? I saw him over the week-end and will be seeing him again tomorrow.

What are you grateful for?

19 thoughts on “Gratitude List (September 18, 2020) #TToT

  1. Happy happy anniversary! 🙂
    We’d also had it so hot early in the week, and I in turn am grateful for that it has cooled down, and cosy times are coming, although on the other hand it’s still nicely sunny.
    The sensory garden sounds great, even for me who doesn’t have much sense of smell at all.
    I’m so glad you’re having so much fun with your special interests, it all sounds very interesting! 🙂 And good that you have someone to talk about it with in the facility, indeed, what would we do without people who let us ramble about them all the time. 😀

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    1. Yes, agree about the special interest. It’s wonderful to be able to infodump.

      The sensory garden also has things you can feel and hear, like the stream of water.

      I don’t care for fall weather personally, but the coziness is good indeed.

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  2. Happy anniversary!
    I think that scenery incorporates more than just visual input; the other senses add to the experience, too.
    Your photos are lovely. As for “a picture with every post,” I say do what you want to. Who comes up with these “rules,” anyway? 🙂
    Thanks for linking up! Have a good week!

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  3. Happy 9th Anniversary! What a lovely week you have had with such a variety of activities to enjoy.
    I may try one of your wrap combinations tomorrow. That sounds tasty.

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    1. Thank you. I had a lot of interesting activities this past week indeed. Re the wrap, I put all ingredients on it, so there are no different combos. Have a great week ahead.


  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Making soap sounds like one of those things that are especially interesting in that they are based on what many of us take for granted (and therefore pay little attention to), would imagine there are many ways to change the experience (of soap).
    Have a good remaining of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, soap making is really interesting. There are lots of ways to do it. For example, some people make soap from scratch by using oils and lye, while I make my soaps from existing soap base and add ingredients that are beneficial or beautiful.


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