Gratitude List (May 30, 2020) #TToT

Okay guys, I’m still feeling meh. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m not inspired to write much of anything either, so what better thing to do than to write a gratitude list? I don’t promise I’ll be able to mention many things, but I’ll try my best.

1. Ice cream. Last week Thursday, another home that’s part of the care facility called for an ice cream truck to come by the facility. The ice cream truck owners had owned some type of merry-go-round or another fairground attraction before COVID-19 hit. Then they transferred to the ice cream business as away of making money. They advertise themselves on Facebook for being on-call if you have enough customers in a street. I love this idea and obviously the care facility has some 70+ clients plus staff as potential customers.

What’s extra cool is that the other home called the truck people again on Tuesday. Now if I don’t have an ice cream tummy, I don’t know.

2. Reaching my step goal. I reached 10K steps three days this past week and so far got over 55K steps this week. Tomorrow I’ll probably have a lie-in.

3. An extra staff. Due to day activities now being provided at the home, the home staff were able to cut their hours a bit, because there was a lot of overlap with the day activities staff. As a result, they’re now able to have an extra staff for a few hours on Saturday. This morning, the extra staff took me for a 25-minute walk.

4. Bathing. This is one from last week, but on Sunday I took a bath. It was good and very relaxing.

5. Gutenberg. You know, the project that aims to digitalize no-longer-copyrighted materials and make them available to the public. I discovered yesterday that my reader app, Voice Dream Reader, connects to it too. I was able to download Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery off there. I think I prefer reading eBooks to audiobooks anyway.

6. Buying a new iPhone. I have been wanting to buy the new iPhone SE 2020 forever. That is, I’ve been looking at the possibility of it being released for at least half a year before it was released. My current iPhone, the old SE model, still works, but its battery is empty really quickly. Today I ordered the new one.

Originally, I had wanted my husband to install it. Then when I was skyping with my sister and mother, my brother-in-law chimed in and said it’s really easy to migrate from one iPhone to another. Now I may want to install the phone myself as soon as I get it and there’s someone sighted to oversee it.

7. Hearing my niece on Skype. Like I said above, this afternoon I Skyped with my mother and sister. It was fun. I hadn’t even had Skype on my computer till then, but I like it. I heard my niece on the other end of the screen. She did get a little whiny eventually, probably because she was hungry.

8. Seeing my husband! I saved this one for last, as it’s the best. Last week, the no-visitors policy was lifted at my care facility, so I was able to see my husband. He visited me again today. Like I said before, we can’t really be physically close, but it’s okay. I love you, hubby!

That’s it for now. As always, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT).

What have you been grateful for lately?

18 thoughts on “Gratitude List (May 30, 2020) #TToT

  1. Sorry you’re feeling low, but what a great idea to make a gratitude list. And such a plentiful one! I love the ice cream truck idea. Nice job on getting your steps in too.
    Great that you and your husband can visit face-to-face again.
    I also have much to be grateful for, but I’ll just mention one for now: went for coffee at a fave coffee shop today – first visit post lockdown. Simple pleasures.

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  2. How nice to be able to look forward to the ice cream truck!
    Just the other day I was able to refer someone to Gutenberg. She was so happy to learn about that site.
    Congratulations on reaching your steps goal.
    It is so nice that you are able to have some in person visits with you husband again.
    I hope you have a good week this coming week.

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    1. Oh, I think I wasn’t clear. The ice cream truck came by last Tuesday. I think staff order it for that same day.

      Gutenberg is so cool indeed! I’d heard of it some 15+ years ago already but had never checked it out.


  3. Gratitude can really change a whole situation around. It really helps me when I’m feeling meh, it’s just a matter of remembering how to get to the grateful feelings. Thanks for reminding us !!! xxxxx big hugs xxx Anne

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  4. Sorry to hear that you are feeling a little meh.
    I hope your Skype calls to friends and family helped you a little.
    Ice-cream is always something to look forward to. I hope you get another visit from the ice-cream truck soon!

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC. We hope to see you again. 😊

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  5. So glad that you joined us again this week! The founder of the Ten Things of Thankful, Lizzi, started it as an exercise to help her during a dark time of her life. I’m always impressed with the strength of those who participate when it’s a struggle to do so. Hope that you are able to feel better than “meh” soon!
    I wish phone batteries lasted longer; I just ordered a new phone for the same reason.
    What great news that your husband was allowed to visit! 🙂

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  6. Coincidence? I just sat down with a mug of ice cream to read some TToT’s 🙂
    Seems to be quite a popular food item, lol Hope you had a wonderful walk. No doubt boosting your step number. 55k in one week is fabulous! I walk most every day and I’ve never come close to that number.
    Love your intro. I used to write a lot of TToT’s back in the day. Not so much lately but I remember, once I began, the writing got a little easier as I made my way down the list 🙂 Awesome you got to skype with family. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to visit with your husband in person. It’s been so difficult with care facilities being on lockdown still. My heart breaks for the residents as well as their families.

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