First Day at New Day Activities

We had our first day at the new day activities. The taxi arrived at my doorstep around 8:10AM. Since I’d been informed I’d be picked up around eight, I had already been waiting for about fifteen minutes. That was no problem though. The driver said he’d have to pick up some other people on the way, but I still arrived at day activities by 8:35. That’s very early, since most other clients don’t arrive till nine o’clock. The taxi driver said that he’d pick me up a little later tomorrow.

When I arrived, I had some water. While placing my stuff where it belongs, I stumbled upon a weighted chair. This is a comfortable chair where you can fold the arms inward, which are filled with balls to make them heavier. That way you’ll feel some deep pressure. I don’t really know how to explain it but it was really good and I sat in the chair for a little while.

After that, I did some table-based activity using magnetic building materials until it was time for coffee at 9:30. We went outside to drink our coffee. Meanwhile, I inquired as to whether we’d be going for a walk this morning. This group usually does on Monday mornings, but it’s still very hot so I thought it’d be too hot. One of the staff said it’d be too hot indeed but the other staff would have to go to the supermarket and she could ask whether I could go with her. This was fine with the other staff and we went on the side-by-side bike. I loved this.

After that, I did another table-based building activity. This one I had tried already when I was introduced to the center a few weeks ago, but I discovered new ways of building the blocks anyway.

Meanwhile, the staff were sorting out how to register my attendance in the agency’s computer system. This did stress me out a little, but not too much and I was able to confirm with my support coordinator that it would all be sorted by tomorrow.

The taxi back was again very early. I’d been informed that I’d be taken home by 1PM, but the taxi arrived at the day center by 12:30 and the driver was sure that this was the correct time to pick me up. Well, we were still eating our lunch, so no. I quickly collected my stuff and went home. Overall, it was a good day.

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