Things That Made Me Smile (December 12, 2022) #WeeklySmile

Hi everyone. I’m joining the Weekly Smile today. Even though I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much about the new day schedule, this also means I enjoy every moment of it.

For those not aware, on Saturday, I started with a new day schedule that is mostly time-organized and allows for me to choose my activities rather than it being activity-based. It is of course still in its test phase and it may actually be torn apart (figureatively speaking) by my support coordinator once she returns from her time off after Christmas. That’s why I’m not getting my hopes up, but also why I enjoy every moment.

The thing that made me smile most about the new day schedule is that it allows for time for me to work with polymer clay with my one-on-one again.

The most smile-worthy event of the weekend is, of course, the creation of my very first unicorn in the new care home! It isn’t my best unicorn ever, but I completely loved crafting it. The staff I created it with, suggested we place it near the Christmas tree, as its mane and tail are in red and green. My fellow clients and staff love it.

In addition to the unicorn, I crafted a koala and an apple out of polymer clay. I also attempted to create a macaron, but decided not to bake that one, as it wasn’t a success.

One of my staff – a staff who can be a bit direct – did ask me how long it took me to craft the unicorn. I struggled not to see this as criticism, as it took me about ninety minutes total, over two sessions, including gathering my supplies and all. He did ask me whether I could craft a panda, as those are his favorite animals. I told him I’d make one for him and did so this evening. This was harder than I thought it’d be, mostly because the black Fimo I used for the panda’s black body parts kept leaving streaks on the white Premo I used for its white body parts. My staff tried to remove them with alcohol, but it remains to be seen how successful this was. Regardless, I enjoyed the process.

What made you smile recently?

9 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile (December 12, 2022) #WeeklySmile

    1. Thank you. The panda turned out pretty good indeed with no black streaks after all. However, one of its ears fell off during the curing process, so I’ll need to replace that one and rebake.

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  1. As a beginning: That unicorn made me smile.

    I wondered if you had any silver clay?

    Something which made me smile was my aunt’s wreathing – she made 3 wreaths with different floral and foilage combinations from craft products.

    There was an Adelaide Zoo panda enclosure in which a student was recently retrieving their phone.

    The student was not hurt as far as I know.

    It made me remember lots of zoo excursions and recent trips.

    Koalas and apples are great to make out of clay – especially the padded bits of a koala and their furry chests.

    [the very best way for me to represent an apple is through wood]

    The World Cup made me smile a lot this week – especially France’s victory over England.

    And the Moroccans getting in for the first time against Portugal.

    What makes Premo different from Fimo?

    And a musical place called Halidon on YouTube.

    Christmas carolling makes me smile too.

    And family stories.

    Was the first session significantly longer than the second session? Like a 60-30 split or a 70-20 or 65-25?


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    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Yes, the first part of my unicorn-making process took 60 minutes and the second 30. I created the entire unicorn during that first hour except for the mane/tail, which I created and attached during those last 30 minutes. My schedule allows for 60-minute time slots of activity at a time, several per day. I know with an activity-based schedule, I could if I were really like this, prolong my activities as long as I wanted to, but the staff know I won’t especially with the type of activities on that schedule, which is probably why my support coordinator prefers an activity-based schedule.


    1. Thanks for the compliment on my unicorn! And as for my making the most out of the schedule, yes I definitely do, but I do hope that the staff will realize it’s helping me and put in a good word for me should my support coordinator want to do away with the thing.


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