Online Window Shopping #WotW

Hi again everyone. Today I’m joining Word of the Week. The idea is to sum up your week in a word or phrase. Today’s phrase of the week is: online window shopping.

You see, like I mentioned last week, I had resolved not to spend any more unnecessary money until my benefits arrived on the 23rd (last Friday). I actually kept this promise to myself and didn’t buy anything, but over the week, I did have a lot of ideas of what I wanted to buy once my benefits arrived. Then when they did, it was almost the weekend, so I decided not to spend my money yet because my packages wouldn’t be sent out till after the weekend anyway.

Most of my online window shopping involved crafty stuff. Like I mentioned yesterday, I got it in my head that I wanted to try latch hooking again. Thankfully, my day activities staff remembered that a client at my pre-COVID group at the day center used to do this but no longer did. She went looking for the supplies and, on Thursday, I had a bit of canvas, a latch hook and a whole lot of yarn. The yarn was cut too short for me to work with right now, but I had some yarn and lace in my room too. Learning the craft again was hard, but I eventually managed to make some knots.

I also found a really cool polymer clay ornament while browsing some other blogs and this got me thinking of restarting polymer clay. Like jewelry-making and latch hooking, I did this in the past but threw my supplies away because I couldn’t manage the craft fully independently. Now that I let go of that ambition and actually have the one-on-one support I need, I am really thinking of restarting the craft. This blogger used an embossing folder and glitter glue to decorate her ornament, which had me looking at card making stores again too. I’m pretty sure that’s the only craft I’ll never pick up again.

I also did some online window shopping that didn’t involve crafts. Like, on Thursday I found out that NVDA, a free screen reader I occasionally use on my PC, now works with the Vocalizer voices I’m used to with JAWS and VoiceOver (my regular PC and iPhone screen readers). I immediately downloaded the add-on, only to realize that of course I’ll need a license. I mean, NVDA may be free, but the Vocalizer voices are not. A license costs €99. I’m still undecided as to whether I want to invest in it or wait for JAWS to fix the one major bug that leads me to using NVDA, that is, the inability to use the WordPress block editor with it.

Lastly, on Friday, I got talking to my assigned home staff about stim toys. Specifically, chewable jewelry. I initially thought that only U.S.-based sites sold them, but it turns out several of my fellow clients use them. I looked up chewable jewelry and found several online stores in the Netherlands that sell them. Of course, they’re marketing them mostly for children, so I may need one for heavier chewers. I haven’t yet decided on buying it though.

How would you sum up your week?

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18 thoughts on “Online Window Shopping #WotW

  1. I like a bit of online window shopping myself, but I always try not to impulse buy otherwise I’d have no money! It’s good to hear that you are getting back into crafting, it’s nice to have hobbies. I hope you are soon able to get all that you need and have plenty to do.

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  2. Nice week then eh? Keep a hold of your money for as long as you can. Sometimes, with a little time, you realise that you didn’t need certain things afterall. That’s how I am. Sometimes I even put them in my online cart and soon get an email telling me that one of the items has gone down in price! Kaching! Don’t you just love when that happens? Happy crafting.

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    1. Yes, I completely agree. Like, I love crafting, but I don’t really need supplies for half a dozen different crafts right now. Also, sometimes I realize that I can buy something much cheaper at a budget store here in town rather than online. It may not be the same quality, but oh well.

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    1. I didn’t know it is available for adults until a few years back either. I mean, I knew about the chewies babies use when teething, but these would not be safe for adult or older child teeth.


  3. Online window shopping sounds good. The number of times I put things in the basket and then empty them out, as I really don’t need anymore craft supplies. I’ve not made anything with a latch hook for years. I hope you enjoy making something once you find some yarn of the right length. #wotw

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  4. Online window shopping is fun but dangerous as it’s so easy to just spend so well done to you for managing to resist! Lovely to get some latch hooking equipment. I used to love making rugs but haven’t done any for a long time. I’ve not tried using polymer clay though – good luck with getting back into this if you decide to restart. I’m glad you have good one-to-one support now. We used to have chewable jewellery for Jessica which saved her clothes! She loved her rainbow “chewy bracelet”. Hope you can find some that is just right for you. #WotW

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comment. I’m so glad you used to like rug making. I cannot seem to get a hang on it yet. As for polymer clay, I did get started with it and am hooked now. I’m glad chewable jewelry helped save Jessica’s clothes.

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  5. I love your term online window shopping. I have never thought of it like that before. I do too much window shopping! Your crafting sounds fun. I wish I had some time for it. I got back into puzzles during the lockdowns but haven’t been able to pick them up again now we are back into a routine. My son has had to have chewable things in the past. I didn’t know they have a chewable jewellery version #WotW

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t know until recently that there even are chewables for adults or older children. I haven’t bought one yet though. I am so sorry you haven’t found the time to do puzzles now that lockdown is over. Hope you’ll find some me time soon.


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