Things That Made Me Smile (July 26, 2021) #WeeklySmile

Hi all on this summerly Monday. We had a thunderstorm yesterday early evening and are expected to get more later this evening. However, right now it’s still pretty sunny and warm outside.

Today, I am joining in with The Weekly Smile. I am also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day, since my smiles involve flowers.

First, over the past week or two, whenever I returned from a walk with my day activities staff, I always smelled lavender close by my care home. I don’t care for the smell of lavender in perfumery, although in essential oil blends it’s great. The actual flower smells awesome too! Today, I finally took my phone with me on my walk so that we could take a picture of the plant.


Then, a few days ago, a staff pointed out a huge bush of geraniums near the day center. I still remember the characteristic red color from when I still had some vision and I love it. Its smell though is one of my least favorites, including in essential oils. This morning, I went out and actually touched the bush and indeed, it’s huge!


Generally, the presence of nature really makes me smile. It’s no wonder that, when asked what I miss most about being unable to see, I generally reply the ability to appreciate the beautiful sights of nature. However, I am still able to hear and feel and smell the beauty of nature!

What made you smile this past week?

14 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile (July 26, 2021) #WeeklySmile

  1. You likely hear and smell more than any of us. I attempt to use all my senses everyday and comically interrupt outdoor conversations, often, by raising my hand and pointing out a bird song. LOL
    Your post made me smile.

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  2. There are a few flowers that when they are in bloom, they are in bloom everywhere and the scent permeates our village. Lavender is like that, and to me, that is the best way to sell it – outside straight from the flower.

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  3. That geranium is bigger than I’ve ever seen before! I like lavender to a degree, though I’ve lost my sense of smell so I can’t enjoy it’s scent anymore, I can remember what it smelled like. I got to go to a lavender farm a couple years ago to do some photography. That time the smell was overwhelming!

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    1. Oh, that experience at the lavender farm must’ve been interesting, especially since you no longer have the actual sense of smell but do carry the memory. Yes, the geranium is huge. I loved it.

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