March 2023 Reflections #WBOYC

Hi everyone. It’s the last day of the month and this means I’m reflecting back on this month’s happenings. I’m joining What’s Been On Your Calendar? (#WBOYC). Here goes.

This month would have started with my having the meeting on my care on March 2, but it got postponed yet again for the third time. I did get a visit from my mother-in-law instead and we took a walk through a nice park. Here are a couple of pictures my mother-in-law took with her phone of a remembrance stone we saw there.

The next Sunday, my husband and I drove to Ikea in Zwolle, where I bought a stuffed orang-utan. I so far didn’t show it on the blog yet, so what better day to do this than today?

On the other Sundays, my husband and I drove to Apeldoorn to have lunch at Backwerk. We did try visiting another lunch cafe once at the recommendation of one of my staff, but literally all tables were dirty.

On March 17, I finally had the meeting on my care. The positive aspect was that the powers-that-be will be looking for another, hopefully more suitable care home for me. The negative aspect is the fact that, in the meantime, nothing will change. This had me spiral out of control quite a bit, which my staff feel frustrated with.

Last week, it led to a bit of a disagreement between me and my assigned staff, because she got frustrated with my negativity. The way she worded it, even if my day schedule doesn’t get disrupted and I’m supported by regular staff for the entire shift, I still find a reason to complain. I countered that this hadn’t happened in months. Even this morning, with three out of four staff being regular employees, the fourth staff supported me for most of the shift.

In the health department, I did pretty well. I finally saw the dietitian last week and we concluded I no longer need to lose weight. Not that weight loss ever was a priority for me, more like a welcome side effect of my healthier-for-me lifestyle. The fact that I’d lost weight rather rapidly over the past five months, meant I had to up my calorie intake to prevent further weight loss. I did gain a bit of weight in the first week on my new food plan, but then again I did eat fries once in that week and a large burger another day. I’m not stressing about the weight gain at all.

In other health news, my cardio fitness level according to my Apple Watch has declined slightly and is in the “low” range again, though just barely. My heart rate recovery, on the other hand, is steadily improving.

All this being said, I’m trying to embrace my body as it is and appreciate my health for what it is.

In the blogging department, I did quite poorly, having written only eleven posts including this one. I am not sure how I’m going to do with the April A to Z Challenge given this reality, but I trust I can do it.

12 thoughts on “March 2023 Reflections #WBOYC

  1. Some ups and downs on both the health and the care front, but also some lovely outings. Your orangutang is very cute. Take care and trust in your ability to do the A-Z… you know you can.

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  2. I love your orangutang and I’m sure you smile everytime you look at it. I’m glad you have had some outings to compensate for the ups and downs with health care at the moment. I did AtoZ a couple of times and it certainly is a challenge but perhaps you can try and just do what you can. Take care and thanks for joining us for What’s Been On Your Calendar? xx

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    1. Thank you! I honestly just said I knew I could do it to convince myself, but now that I wrote my first post, I’m at least somewhat confident in it indeed.


  3. It sounds like a good month. The Orang-utan is very cute.
    The staff in your care home don’t sound very caring and understanding. My eldest works in a care home and part of her training was to be positive and understanding no matter how frustrated she feels. x

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    1. Thanks for your caring comment. I think my staff see my negativity/frustration as willful and that’s why they show their dissatisfaction with it.


  4. Hi Astrid, good to hear you’ve had a meeting re your care and hopefully things will improve for you over time. Your outings sound like fun and your new orangutang looks happy! Wishing you all the best for the A-Z challenge, I’ve never done one of them and applaud anyone who takes it on! Thanks for sharing with us for WBOYC, and take care.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so happy I finally had the meeting, even though it was a bit disappointing and some of the things we agreed on haven’t been followed through on as of yet.

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