This past Friday, the prompt for Five Minute Friday was “normal”. I didn’t have anything to write on the topic then, but I do now. Here goes.

Today I listened to a meditation on Insight Timer. The teacher said your observing self is like the sky (or heavens), while your thoughts, feelings etc. are like the weather. No matter how bad the weather gets, the sky remains the same. It can withstand even the darkest thunderclouds.

This is maybe how we need to look at ourselves in this time of COVID-19. We are told to adjust to the “new normal”. Even though our “intelligent” lockdown or stay at home order ended last week, I still cannot have visitors at the care facility and just found out the day center won’t reopen till October. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Well, about the day center. I know how I feel about the no-visitors policy, but that one might change this week.

Like Kate, the FMF hostess, I somehow settled in. I actually love being at the home for day activities and don’t mind not seeing people from other homes that much. I miss my husband, but I’m adjusting to that too.

This is where the meditation comes in again. I mean, no matter how hard life gets, I’ll manage. My thoughts may be dark, my feelings bleak, but I will ultimately be able to keep going.

6 thoughts on “Normal

  1. It sounds like you are coping well with this Covid business. Insight Timer is very helpful. I used to use it, but fell out of practice. I should begin again.

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  2. The power of the deepend mind,
    well-trained in the arts of Zen,
    will make the heart’s response refined
    when faced with whipsawed ‘now’ and ‘then’,
    and place the still reflective pool
    at peace before the inner eye,
    the expert and the basic tool
    to mirror heron, cloud and sky,
    to give the soul a chance to rest
    without a sense of time and place,
    unreached now by the world’s behest,
    and in satori, there is grace.
    Come with me, and sit awhile,
    for joy beyond the need to smile.

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