Hello Monday (March 6, 2023)

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, I discovered another great weekly linky called Hello Monday, in which bloggers share about their weekend. Since I didn’t join #WeekendCoffeeShare this past Saturday, I still have a lot to share about the weekend. Besides, Sunday afternoon was fun, so even if I had posted on Saturday, I could post again today. Let’s get started.

Saturday morning was kind of hard. A new staff was being introduced to me, so for the morning shift there were two staff people doing my one-on-one. I do appreciate the fact that they actually had him properly introduced to me rather than having me do all the explaining, like they did with the student staff, but it did lead to me overhearing them converse about stuff that they said wasn’t my business. Well, if it’s none of my business then why discuss it in my room with me sitting right there in the middle?

Saturday evening was slightly better, but Sunday morning was hard again. The staff assigned to be my one-on-one that day always complains of a sore arm when holding my arm to guide me when walking, but I can’t safely walk without a sighted guide and I struggle to hold onto someone’s arm too (which is the proper way of walking sighted guide). In this sense, I empathize with this staff. Being that he isn’t the crafty type either, we were quite limited in the activities we could do, so I eventually decided we’d go for a walk anyway.

After he left at just past eleven for my “time to rest” (his cringe-worthy term for time without one-on-one support), which normally doesn’t start until 11:30, I indeed had a little lie down, but had had it by 11:30 and decided to go into the living room to see the other clients and staff. I sat there while they had lunch (and I had a little bit too). I was going to have a visit from my husband at 1PM and we usually go out for lunch then. One of the staff directed us to clear up the table, while she herself remained seated. Granted, she was another client’s one-on-one and either that client can’t or won’t clear up. I can’t without someone assisting me either and my one-on-one was nowhere to be found, but thankfully another staff helped me.

When my husband came to pick me up, he drove randomly. At one point, he asked me where we were going. “Where are we?” I asked. He replied we were at highway A50, headed northward, in the middle of nowhere. Zwolle was the closest bigger city, so we decided to head there. We went to Ikea, where we looked around a little, tthen had fries with chicken (for me) and meatballs (for him). Then we saw these really cute soft toys. My husband pointed out an orangutan, which I immediately decided to buy. My husband wants me to name him after the monkey king in The Jungle Book and he wanted me to look up the song on our way back to the institution. Not that I remember that movie. I mean, I’ve probably seen parts of it, but we only had public television at home when I was a child. I think the monkey is called Louis.

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday (March 6, 2023)

  1. Jungle Book animals [the ones I know – with help from Wikipedia and Rudyard Kipling – and some of the Disney animals]:

    The bear is Baloo

    The snake is Kaa

    Mowgli is the human raised by the animals

    Akela is the lion [I think – or she has something to do with the Scouts].

    Bagheera the black panther

    Kotick the fur seal

    Riki-Tikki-Tava the mongoose

    And a group of monkeys were the Banda-log.

    Shere Khan the tiger

    Tabaqui the jackal

    In 2016 Disney released a live-action version of JUNGLE BOOK. [Christopher Walken was terrific as the orang-utan]

    The first Disney Jungle Book adaptation did have a Louis – as one of the music directors…

    LOUIE is the name of the orang-utan.

    [I would probably find something Indonesian or Malaysian – but it is not my orang-utan].

    “a50, heading northward, in the middle of nowhere”.

    The song is “I wanna be like you”

    “Walking like you; talking like you”.

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    1. Oh thanks so much for your reply! I thought it would be spelled Louis, like the English (and probably original French) spelling of the kings of France. I am absolutely clueless about Indonesian or Malaysian names.


      1. I hoped someone would know about them.

        Like Carrie-Anne’s ONOMASTICS OUTSIDE THE BOX

        which has been full of Arthurian names all March.

        Also I realised that Akela is actually a Wolf and not a Lion.

        Apex predator, hmm?

        Yes – Louis would probably be the original modern French spelling – but then there’s Middle French and Old French and everything in between – depending on where Louises lived.

        JUNGLE BOOK – the first Disney adaptation – did come my way 30 years ago.

        And for Christmas 1993 I ordered the Kipling book – or at least I had ordered the Just So Stories.

        The Jungle Book already existed in a family collection and it was so covered by rain and mould.

        What about Wiranto [warrior or hero] and maybe Wahyu [which means revelation]?

        Also there is an Indonesian form of Abraham.

        If your ourangtan is feeling more girl-ish Lidia is another name.

        Permen is Indonesian [and Javanese – Java is one of their biggest islands] for candy.

        Adi; Dwi; Cantur – first; second; fourth [and I hope you don’t rank your animals in this way!].

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        1. Wow, you’re so knowledgeable! I completely forgot about Middle French and Old French and all that. Love your ideas for names and their meanings.


  2. That sounds like a lovely outing with your husband! I have seen the Jungle Book many times– including Disney’s newest “live action” adaptation since I remember watching the animated version as a child and wanted my boys to see it too.

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    1. Oh, that’s awesome that you saw the “live action” adaptation too. I bet your boys wouldn’t be too impressed with the original. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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