January 2023 Reflections #WBOYC

Hi everyone on this final day of January. Last year, I loved looking back on each month as it related to my word of the year. I didn’t choose a word of the year for 2023. Not sure why, but I just couldn’t find one. I however do like these monthly reviews, so I’ll continue them. The monthly word of the year linky has also changed to #WBOYC, which is an acronym for What’s Been On Your Calendar. I’m joining in with this linky today for my monthly reflections.

This month, I started out with mixed feelings of hope and fear for the coming year. Just before New Year’s, my assigned staff had introduced the piece of paper with agreements re my care on it, which was slightly disappointing to me because of it being easy to interpret in multiple ways. As the weeks proceded, I found out that, indeed, it didn’t do much to improve my care. In fact, I still live moment-to-moment, not because I can’t get through each moment due to my mental health, but because the staff and home in general are so unpredictable.

Several weeks ago, I decided I definitely want to find another care home. This, obviously, requires a talk with the behavior specialist and support coordinator, but, so far, my support coordinator hasn’t responded to requests to share when she is available. I have it in my head she’s decided to ignore me until I shut up about wanting to leave. After all, several staff have started to talk nonsense about baby steps towards adjustment, and I’m pretty sure they don’t mean the steps towards adjustment should come from the staff. Even though I do experience good enough days here and there, I won’t shut up though until structural changes mean good enough is going to be the norm, and I’m sure this isn’t going to be here.

In other news, I had three visits from my mother-in-law during the month of January. I also saw my husband almost each week – missed only one because I had a cold.

I started working with the book The Artist’s Way at the end of the month. I’ve only just started with Morning Pages and am taking the program at a slower pace than is recommended, partly because I’m a slow reader and partly because I need to modify the Artist’s Dates to suit my needs. For example, since I don’t handwrite my Morning Pages, I have no reason to give myself a sticker on the envelope each day I completed them, and I can’t use regular stickers anyway. However, I saw 3D unicorn stickers and want to buy those and stick one on my laptop for each day I complete my Morning Pages for a week. Of course, since they are sold online, I may need to have them delivered to my in-laws because my care home’s address isn’t always recognized by delivery people. I’ll get to that tomorrow.

I wasn’t as crafty as I’d like to have been, but did slightly expand my horizons where it came to polymer clay, in that yesterday I started on a unicorn in a lying-down position and today I tried to decorate my latest standard, sitting unicorn with Hotfix rhinestones.

I didn’t write as many blog posts as I’d hoped during January. Of course, there was #JusJoJan, but even when the prompts did speak to me, I often didn’t write. I am still considering participating in #Write28Days in February, but honestly haven’t written anything for it. Not that I had any of the previous years I took part either, but then I was more motivated.

I did for the umpteenth time revive my Instagram account. This time, I’m actually finding some joy in it, because I actually find that I can interact with some people on there.

In the health department, January was a true mixed bag. I did get moving sufficiently, particularly walking, but healthy eating was a huge struggle. Over the month, I maintained my weight, so still 3kg to lose for me to be at a healthy BMI.

Lastly, I did attend the cerebral palsy online meeting for the provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht this evening. It was good. There will be a live meeting in March, so I’m hoping to go there too.

14 thoughts on “January 2023 Reflections #WBOYC

  1. The really lovely thing about The Artist’s Way is that you can take it slower than what is detailed in the book and do it at your own pace – or even duck in and out as you need to. Great that you’re so close to the healthy weight range too.

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive words on the way I do The Artist’s Way and your kind comment on my weight. Re The Artist’s Way, I used to think that it’d be cheating if I didn’t do it exactly as recommended, but then some people in a Facebook group on the topic said that doing a modified version is better than nothing.


  2. Thanks for joining our WBOYC linkup Astrid and sharing what’e been happening in your world. Take care and I hope some of the outstanding issues you mention can be resolved for you soon.

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  3. I’m so sorry that things aren’t what you had expected in the new care home. Could it be unpredictable because of shortage of staff, stress levels etc? That is very often the case. Very sad when it affects the quality of care (but of course it will). You definitely should keep pushing to get where you get the best care. I’m curious about the Artist’s way, is it some kind of workbook?

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    1. I’m not sure about the reasons for all the chaos here. Part of it is the client population – all very unpredictable people with no sense of a day structure. However, part of it is also the staff. Staff shortages yes, to a degree, but also most staff at least behave as though they just want to chill out until someone is out of control and then they push back until the client behaves.

      The Artist’s Way is a kind of workbook indeed. It has reading material in it on becoming more creative and courageous as an artist, as well as exercises. It is not just for visual artists and sculptors, by the way, but also for writers and musicians like you.


      1. Very upsetting if it’s because of staff’s unwillingness to work and lack of engagement in the job. The book sounds very interesting, not the least for my graphic design! I think I’ll look for it.

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        1. I’m glad I inspired you to look up The Artist’s Way. It is scary to work with it at times, as it challenges us to confront our negative beliefs about what it means to be an artist, but it’s quite intriguing too.


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