Five Things That Bring Me Joy on Bad Days #5Things

Hi everyone. I have been feeling notoriously uninspired lately and still don’t really feel like I know what to write about. However, I saw this week’s topic for the #5Things challenge: things that bring you joy when you feel “joyless”. In other words, we’re challenged to list five things that bring a smile on our face when we have a bad day and nothing else can seem to cheer us up. Here goes.

1. Food. Good food can definitely brighten even my darkest days. I am a lover of hot and spicy food, but also enjoy candy and savory snacks.

2. A phone call from my husband. Whenever I feel down in the dumps, my husband can usually cheer me up. Sometimes it takes him some firm setting my mind straight before I am open to cheerful talk.

3. Music. I love upbeat music, including Dance, contemporary Christian and occasionally rock. At other times, calming music is just what I need.

4. Physical activity. When I can motivate myself for it, a walk or some other form of exercise truly helps me clear my mind of all its negative energy.

5. Retail therapy. I can be a bit of an impulse spender when I’m feeling bad. Thankfully though, even online window shopping helps me feel better at times.

What helps you feel better when you’re feeling down?

13 thoughts on “Five Things That Bring Me Joy on Bad Days #5Things

  1. Hm. I don’t know whether I can come up with 5 different things!
    1. listening to music: sometimes golden oldies, or some folk music, but
    also some classical music.
    2. Singing. I love singing.
    3. going for a walk, when the sun is shining. I love the warm sun onmy
    4. reading a nice book, or listening to a nice English radio play;
    5. some very nice food: fish and chips, or some Chinese dish or so. I
    like eating out, if possible. Otherwise a take-away can bring me in a
    good mood: not having to cook myself.
    Wow: I did get to numer 5 indeed!

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