Gratitude List (October 14, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I’m still struggling a little, but this means it’s all the more important I look at the positives of my life. For this reason, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful for a gratitude list. Here goes.

1. I am grateful my support coordinator is back in the home today after several weeks of being either off work or busy with out-of-the-home duties.

2. I am grateful the staff whom I had a huge issue with last week – the details of which I won’t disclose on the blog -, hasn’t been working here since.

3. I am grateful my support coordinator offered to sit with me and said staff to talk things over so that I can let them go. We aren’t yet sure when this can take place.

4. I am grateful I found out an oven/microwave combo works for polymer clay after all, provided you set it to its oven setting. This means I will most likely be able to use my home’s oven for polymer clay.

5. I am grateful for a nice visit from my mother-in-law on Tuesday. I am also grateful I was able to walk for an hour during said visit.

6. I am grateful for green tea without any additional flavors. That’s my favorite tea, or maybe really it’s the only tea I’ll drink. I am grateful the staff ordered it.

7. I am grateful for relatively nice weather. It’s been raining a bit over the past few days, but not all day, so I have been able to take walks every single day this week.

8. I am grateful for some distraction in the form of a few games of mau-mau, a card game, with my one-on-one. I was even able to teach one of my staff the game and he beat me to it.

9. I am grateful I tried penne carbonara on Tuesday, since it turned out I actually sort of like it.

10. I am grateful I usually get along with all my fellow residents here at the home. Of course, we all have our issues and it’s an intensive support (ie. behavior) home for a reason, but for the most part they’re nice people.

What are you grateful for?

17 thoughts on “Gratitude List (October 14, 2022) #TToT

  1. Sorry, you have still been struggling but glad you found reasons to be thankful. I’m so glad you can still bake your polymer creations. Can’t wait to see them. I think the card game is a bit like what we call Uno over here. Good fun! I’m glad your mother-in-law visited you and you had a good walk. xxx

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I know Uno too, but mau-mau, which is called “pesten” in Dutch (translates to “bullying”) is a little more complicated especially when played by more than two players, which I rarely do.


  2. As so often happens, the others have said better what I might say*.

    But I will say: your’s has been an excellent TToT.

    The thing about the whole gratitude exercise of the TToT is, imo, along with being a benefit to the writer, (we) Readers very often get something from each post as well.

    To read another blogger’s TToT is to be allowed to glimpse another person’s world.
    A huge gift.
    Again, imo, it is the opportunity to identify with another person (through the weekly gatherings) that is most beneficial.

    If I see/read someone going through something and I identify with them, then when things do improve and/or get better for them, I directly benefit, because of this identifying with them.

    So, thanks for the post.

    (and the weather!! aiiyeee! whoever invented Autumn really needs to be held accountable…..
    Look, all colors of the leaves are they beautiful?” Yeah, and it gets dark at two o’clock in the afternoon and is getting colder each day!!!
    lol (sorry for the seasonal rant)
    have a good week.

    *the price I pay for hanging out with people who have mad writing skills…lol

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad I was able to provide you with some positive glimpses into my life. And yes, fall colors are beautiful and so are fall scents, though I can diffuse a fall-based essential oil blend any time of year so those really don’t count, IMHO. Other than that, I honestly despise fall.


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