A Rather Frustrating Monday

It’s past 10:30PM and I’m still wide awake. I just took a PRN quetiapine. My Apple Watch and the staff’s blood pressure cuff are telling me I should be super relaxed, in that my heartrate is 67 even when sitting upright. That’s rather low for me, but not worryingly low or so the staff say. Oh yes, I know normal resting heartrate is between 60 and 100, but mine is usually closer to 100. Oh well.

Today was quite intense, honestly. In the morning, the manager came by to talk to me about my meeting with the behavior specialist last week. She also, of course, told me a new staff would be starting his orienting shifts here and he’d start right this evening. Of course, like all new staff who’ve been hired over the past six months, the first part of the home he’s being introduced to is mine. Can you read my sarcasm? Well, it should be there. I’m rather annoyed at the fact that every new staff starts working on my side of the home rather than the other one. I know it’s probably because one of the clients on the other side gets really irritable when introduced to new staff. Well, maybe I need to show a little more of my irritable side.

Then, the temping agency housekeeper came to clean my room. She left my bathroom in a horribly wet state and left the tap on its hottest setting. Thankfully, that setting is not hot enough to actually cause burns, but it did hurt a little when I tried to wash my hands.

Once my day activities started, I went for a walk. My cardio fitness level was once again low, but it hardly bothers me anymore.

In the afternoon, my staff and I drove into town so I could buy a new pair of shorts for when I go on the elliptical or ride the side-by-side bike. The old pair pretty much falls off my butt. I also bought socks and some presents for my oldest niece, who will be three on Saturday.

In the evening, I went for a short walk with the new student staff, taking his camera and tripod with us to snap some pictures. I cannot yet show them, as I haven’t yet figured out which ones show what.

Then, I wanted to go on the side-by-side bike again, but got really frustrated trying to fasten the belts around my feet. They need to be really tight or my feet, particularly my spastic left foot, will fall off the pedals. That didn’t work out and I got really overloaded, so had a short meltdown.

Later in the evening, when I was alone, I started fretting about my health. That probably caused me to feel spacey. Now that I’ve processed all this in this post, I feel slightly better. It might be the quetiapine is working as well.

13 thoughts on “A Rather Frustrating Monday

      1. When I have days like that, I try to remember to break it into small segments. Get through an hour, a quarter hour, a minute. Sometimes then the script gets flipped and instead of the frustrations piling up, I see the positives.

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    1. Thank you so much. Mondays usually aren’t all that frustrating, as I mostly find the weekend harder to cope with than the days I do have day activities. I have been having a lot on my plate though and that’s probably been getting at me. The quetiapine did help eventually. I take it as a PRN medication only, as I take a different antipsychotic on a daily basis. I’m glad quetiapine helps your daughter too.


  1. Oh dear, it does sound like a frustrating day.
    They should introduce the new staff members to the other side of the home first, chuck them in at the deep end as it sounds the residents are more challenging there. hehehe The housekeeper left your bathroom in such a dangerous state.
    That is a shame your bike ride didn’t go to plan, hopefully next time it will be better. Today is a new day and hopefully it is better for you. x

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    1. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. No, the clients on the other side of the home aren’t necessarily more challenging, it’s just this one resident who struggles a lot with new people. Then again, if she’s the reason they keep introducing new staff to my side first (and of course I can’t be sure of that), I feel it’s pretty unfair, since each side of the home has its challenges and obviously every client copes better with staff they know well. As for the housekeeper, the staff tried to talk to her, but she either didn’t understand or was too caught up in her routine to change, as the situation was the same if not worse today. She may be here from a temping agency, which would explain her lack of training on the job. I understand too that she’s probably very overworked, but yeah, it’s frustrating nonetheless.


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