Gratitude List (August 12, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I want to write a gratitude post this evening. As usual, I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here are my gratefuls.

1. I am grateful for my husband’s new car. Last week Sunday, he came by for a visit and drove me to Subway for lunch in it. It’s a Fiat Panda. I remember those as really small and uncomfortable cars, as my parents had one from the mid-1980s back when my sister and I were children. This one’s a 2010 model though and much better.

2. I am grateful I was able to finish the necklace for the woman in the nearby care home who has her birthday tomorrow. The Fimo beads did get a little discolored, even the white ones that I’d cured at 110°C. Oh well, according to my husband, the colors do fit nicely together.

3. I am grateful I actually got the money back from the pasta machine I’d ordered and then returned. I wanted to spend it on polymer clay supplies I do want at that same store this evening, but then somehow our Internet broke down.

4. I am grateful for Internet access on my iPhone, so that I wasn’t completely cut off when the care facility’s WiFi broke down.

5. I am grateful the WiFi is back up for now. After all, blogging on my iPhone is still a pain.

6. I am so grateful my one-on-one shift today got sorted eventually. The care home is so short-staffed that no-one could initially be found to work my shift. They finally found a solution that was far from ideal, for the person doing my shift and me, but we got through it.

7. I am grateful for ice cream cones. Like I said on Wednesday, a staff bought them for me when we were at the supermarket. We still had some left today, so I got one again.

8. I am grateful for a tiny bit of weight loss regardless. I didn’t really mind my diet over the past week and it was too hot for exercise, but still I lost 0.2kg.

9. I am grateful getting blood drawn wasn’t painful yesterday. I went to the doctor last week because my IBS-related symptoms seem to be increasing and changing. The doctor ordered bloodwork just to be sure it’s nothing else and I had to have it drawn yesterday. I have really thin veins, so usually it’s real trouble, but not this time.

10. I am grateful for books, music, YouTube videos and podcasts to entertain and inspire me.

What are you grateful for?

24 thoughts on “Gratitude List (August 12, 2022) #TToT

    1. I agree!

      So many wonderful neutrals in the necklace.

      [eg ochre and boba – though that may be more of a style of bead which is based on a tree nut].

      I also appreciate the clip/clasp – I don’t know if the birthday person might.

      [fiddly clasps + impulsive hands have made mincemeat of many otherwise worthy necklaces]…

      The centre/conversation piece – I was not sure whether it was a flower; the sun; a teddy bear or a cloud.

      Six bumps in that centre.

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      1. Thank you so much for the compliment. The center piece is a flower. By the way, there are only two colors of beads in the necklace (white and pastel vanilla, the white looking a bit ppinkish and the pastel vanilla a bit orangey), though some of the beads may’ve been more discolored than others. I’m not sure what’s fidgety about the clasp.


        1. Well, the clasp gets pushed and pulled quite a lot.

          So it has to be fairly robust.

          So the white was looking PINK

          and the pastel vanilla ORANGE

          [and I wondered if it were a legacy of previous colour mixings?]

          So I was not imagining colours that may not have been there.






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  1. Your husbands new car sounds fantastic and that necklace is really pretty. The colours do go well together.
    So sorry your care home is short staffed. It seems like it’s happening everywhere, the care home where my eldest works is the same and it doesn’t help she is off at the moment too x

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  2. this being the internet, I was able to ‘see’ a Fiat Panda. They aren’t available in the US. Neat little car.
    Internet access? For me that is surely one of the more fundamental Grats in modern life.
    I agree… the photo of the necklace shows beads with just enough variation to give a sense of texture to the piece as a whole. Nice!
    Have a good week.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Oh, I had no idea a Fiat Panda isn’t available in the U.S., though it makes sense. Yes, Internet access for sure is one of the more important non-necessary essentials, if that makes sense, of modern life.

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  3. As a poet living on the fringes of civilized society, tolerated by thinking people, in my little minivan, I don’t have the luxury of large possessions.

    For five years (and hundreds of thousands of views) I’ve posted ~ tens of thousands of them ~ on my phone of the moment, be it iPhone or Android…

    So thankful I am, for this very new capacity to sit curbside, compose, copy, file, date, tag, illustrate and publish directly to my readers ~ complete with recorded reading!

    Oh, what we used to go through! The typewriter ribbons, paper and corrector! The trips to the xerox shop! The postage (and return postage)! The weeks and months-long delays (during which we never dared to submit that work elsewhere)!

    The de reguer academic degrees! The editors! The contracts! The promotional programs! The reading tours! The public hostility!

    Oh, we’re so PRIVILEDGED!!! 🤗

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    1. Wow Ana, thanks for putting my post into perspective. I’m not sure whether that last comment about being so privileged coming from your side is ironic or not. I mean, I assume you rely on whatever Internet access you can get, since you live out of your minivan. I am much more privileged than you, being able to live in my own room in the care facility (and I’m also a homeowner, since the house my husband lives in is in my name too). I am truly humbled reading your comment.


      1. Thank you for your reply ☺️

        I was perfectly sincere about being privileged ~ for only the past year or two has it been possible to do everything needful for a post on the DATA STREAM! My whole former office can now be held in the palm of my hand, virtually wherever I sit. Every time I release a verse directly to my readers, I offer up a prayer of thanksgiving.

        Please have a beautiful day 💖

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        1. Oh wow, that’s awesome that you’re able to do everything you need to in order to publish your poetry from your phone in your minivan. Thanks for enlightening me.


          1. Well, you are just a precious, affirmative and appreciative spirit, aren’t you? You’re going through hard times physically, too, right? Do you mind my asking how you wended your way into a care home, or is it too personal a question?

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            1. Thanks for the compliment. The question is not too personal at all. I am multiply-disabled, including blind, autistic and I have mild cerebral palsy. Due to this combination of disabilities, living independently just isn’t possible for me. I did try, both on my own (albeit with a lot of support) and with my husband, but it was just too hard.


              1. Wow! You are walking such a path in this life! I see that, like many people on the autism spectrum, you are unusually good at writing. And if you are as generous, uplifting and humble with your written comments as you were with mine, you must do a lot of folks a lot of good! 🤗

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