My Ideal Space

I have been thinking about my ideal living space lately; a space I can feel safe, secure and at home in. When I wrote my post describing my safe space a few weeks ago, I realized that, other than the unicorns, I could almost recreate my safe space right here in my current care facility. In fact, I have nothing to complain about my room, with my private bathroom, kitchenette and even my own balcony.

So why do I feel I want to move to a different care facility, and why, in fact, do I feel like I actually want to sacrifice some of the aspects that make my current room great, in order to live in a more suitable care home, and what does “more suitable” even mean? I’ve said many times that I want to move to institution grounds, because then I’d be able to feel like I’d be more sheltered when going outdoors. Thankfully, most of my current readers didn’t know me fifteen years ago, or they’d call me crazy now for such a 180-degree turn from saying institutionalization is bad and community care is always preferrable to now wishing to be institutionalized myself.

This post was written for this week’s Six-Sentence Story link-up, for which the prompt word is “space”.

13 thoughts on “My Ideal Space

    1. Certainly is. I didn’t specify this in my post, but shared rooms are no longer a thing in care homes in the Netherlands and I did specify that I do need a certain amount of space for my belongings.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Well the problem isn’t with my room itself, which is great and other aspects of the care facility really can’t be changed. The reason I want to move is also more complicated than can be explained in six sentences. As for your saying there are pros and cons to each, that’s certainly true and I will definitely be taking a closer look at a prospective new care home than I did at this one (I just went for a quick tour and then decided it’s okay).

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