An Engaging Wednesday

Hi everyone. I originally wanted to title this post a “creative”, then “inspired” Wednesday. Both fit, in a way, but neither fully captures the essence of today. Not that “engaging” does, but I ran out of adjectives to think of. I spent the day crafting and watching personal growth YouTube videos and that’s what I want to talk about. Oh, I could just have written “A day spent crafting and watching YouTube videos” as my post title. Then again, that’s too long.

In the morning, I finished a YouTube video in which an enneagram geek talked about annoying things type Fours say and do, then watched another of her videos about things to know before dating an Eight. No, I’m not looking to find another lover. My husband is an Eight and I just thought it funny to learn about all the stupid mistakes I’d made all along. Of course, I could just listen to my husband (that’s the first tip!).

Re the other video, I may write a separate blog post listing all the ways in which I relate to all these annoying things Fours do and say. And yes, I related completely to all but one of them.

Then, when my day activities started, I had my morning coffee, then went for a short walk while it was still cool enough outside. My orthopedic shoes arrived yesterday and I can now actually walk on them without any pain. I won’t get my hopes up, because I have been saying all along that they won’t be ready until 2034 and that’s exactly when World War III is going to start according to a book by that title. I am too superstitious to admit publicly that my shoe problem is over yet.

After my walk, my staff and I drove to the supermarket for quark, which I eat for breakfast. We also both got ourselves a sausage roll for lunch and she treated me to ice cream cones. Of course, I just ate one today and she had one too, so the rest are in the freezer.

In the afternoon, I first used my alcohol inks that I’d bought at Action several weeks ago. I had finally managed to create earring pieces that didn’t have air bubbles in them and was going to add a little alcohol ink to them for some extra color. The pieces haven’t been turned into actual earrings yet.

Then in the evening, I crafted the last of the polymer clay beads I’ll need for the necklace I’m making for the person from the other care home. I’m probably going to put together the necklace tomorrow. Overall, it was a good day.

11 thoughts on “An Engaging Wednesday

  1. About the annoying things that Fours say and that other people [Enneagram types] may say about Fours:

    I’d like to know the one you *didn’t* relate to, Astrid.

    [though many people who know the Enneagram + you may very well figure it out].

    Hooray for no air bubbles!

    And aren’t we all going to be significantly affected by the climate crisis first – or do you imagine it being played out more slowly?

    What about the successor pandemics?

    Walking – with or without pain – is affected by all sorts of other factors.

    I wonder if the orthotic people have decided to 3D print all their parts [and independent living centres would benefit from similar technology and loaning practices].

    Superstition came back into my life with the orange socks.

    Exemplar and reminder:

    These orange socks have quite a story of their own.

    They are thick socks – they lint a lot from the inside – and they had a way of stuffing most of the shoes I was wearing up until pre-COVID19.

    And yesterday was the first time I put them on because they went with an orange jacket/gown and this brown/orange/yellow accented dress.

    Quark and rolls, hmm?

    Ate a plant-based burger for tea yesterday and for lunch ordered a cheese and mashed potato pancake with a leafy jussed salad [with minimal carrot and cabbage + squeezed lemon].

    I love to read *Overall it was a good day* at the end.

    [after all the things which made it good – like the polymer bead crafting].

    I find myself using the French version of “engaging” – and then being very strict/stinging with it [or rather STINTING].

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    1. Thanks for your extensive comment once again. Re the annoying type Four quirks, I didn’t relate to going radio silent for days. Then again, maybe it was an exaggeration. I may be unapproachable for a couple of hours, but usually, I am the exact opposite, trying to cling to people who want space.

      Re 2034 and all pending disasters, I used to think another pandemic or climate crisis would be first, but now with the China/Taiwan thing, I think WWIII will be what’s going to wipe us out. I really do hope not though. By the way, I haven’t read the book 2034, but I believe from the blurb that it doesn’t end with human extinction.


      1. That was not something I’d have instantly/immediately guessed.

        I know you do try to keep in touch and with touch when possible and available.

        A couple of hours seems about right.

        I have been known to go on radio silence [static] for a few years; depending on the situation.

        And I am an Enneagram Seven. And if I really and truly have a Loyalist wing [rather than a Challenger one] – with the phobics and contrephobes.

        Yes – the clinginess and the space!

        I too need to be fairly close to my interlocutors – and for them to be aware I receive essentially zero information from my right sided ear [not even binaurals or directive signals/figure-ground work…]

        Fortunately it does not end with human extinction.

        I am thinking of all the species that have been discovered – 139 of them – on the Australasian continent.

        [of course many times those species have been declared extinct or otherwise endangered or vulnerable].

        The whole Strategic Ambiguity factor.

        Given that the Netherlands are a middle power too…

        [and there are probably many Chinese and Taiwanese expats in the facilities and in care work more generally – and in the *universities* too!]


        Blurbs can be misleading – or at least minimally informative.

        It takes a streak of genius – or good common sense – to write one which matches its book or other media.

        And then you have endorsements and testimonials.

        I think of all the times World War Three has been predicted and there have been very limited outbreaks.

        CIVIL WAR is the big thing – which is to say – WARS WITHIN STATES.

        The Belgians seemed not to have a government for 150 days and they were fine. That shows you parliamentary/legislative life is not everything!

        [judicial and executive are the other 2 branches].

        And the nuclear warfare. Really this is the first time that most of the major powers do have nuclear. {Though France and UK are phasing it out for military use – this is still for power – I mean electrics and electricity}. #NuclearScience #ElectricalEngineering

        Also a thing called “The end of history” [thanks Fujiyuma] and “Clash of civilisations” [thanks Huntingdon – and George R R Martin – maybe Martin’s new book will come out BEFORE the world ends…].

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        1. Thanks for giving me a lot to think on once again. Yes, Begium did fine without a government for 150 days and the Netherlands had no officially-operating government for a year in the midst of the pandemic too. I can’t find a proper English term but it’s when the old government has already gone out of power but no new one has been formed yet. I think it’s similar to the Belgian situation, in fact.


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