28 Days of Self-Exploration Landing Page #Write28Days

Hi everyone. I have been thinking for a few weeks now about whether to join in with #Write28Days. As regular readers of this blog will know, #Write28Days is a challenge which originated either last year or the year before as an offshoot from Kate Motaung’s 31-day writing challenge, which was an offshoot from #Write31Days. The original idea of #Write31Days was to write on a specific topic of your choosing for 31 days in October. There were no prompts. Then Kate decided to provide prompts. For #Write28Days, there are optional prompts and you can choose a theme, but the main goal is to write for 28 days.

I have decided that my theme, similar to my topic for #Write31Days in 2018, is self-exploration. I have had some technical issues with receiving the prompts, but eventually, I now know what they are. That being said, English being my second language, I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them all.

This is my landing page. I will link to my individual posts for the challenge here. Happy reading. And if you’d still like to join in with the challenge too, there’s still time. Just hop over to the #Write28Days link I shared above and link up.

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14 thoughts on “28 Days of Self-Exploration Landing Page #Write28Days

    1. So excited to see you participate. Have you been able to sign up for Anita’s E-mail list to get the optional prompts? Otherwise I can try to type them out and E-mail them to you. I got them from someone else via Messenger so that may take a while.

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      1. No, I wasn’t able to sign up, would really appreciate it if you could type them out for me and I will send you that email with the group information for the groups the Christian groups that I’m a part of

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