Five Food Aromas I Love #5Things

I’m once again a day late with answering this week’s #5Things prompt. This week, the topic is food aromas. Some food smells are even better than the food itself. Though I personally don’t like any smells of foods I dislike, certain food aromas definitely make my mouth water even if I’m not a huge fan of the food itself. Here goes.

1. Coffee. Though I drink about four cups of coffee a day, I can’t really say I like it. It’s probably more that I have developed a coffee-drinking habit and/or that I’m addicted to caffeine. That being said, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee is definitely pleasant. I even used to have some coffee-scented wax melts back when I still used those. Then again, my husband says the Morning Coffee one smells like uncleaned loo. But I digress.

2. Cinnamon rolls. Or cinnamon anything really. Oooh, how lovely! I do happen to love love love cinnamon rolls, but that doesn’t mean I like everything with cinnamon in it. Its smell, however, is mouth-watering.

3. Barbecue. I am a true meat lover, but other than that am not a huge fan of barbecueing. That being said, the smell definitely makes me hungry even when I’ve just eaten.

4. Bakery goods. I particularly love the smell of freshly-baked bread. My father used to occasionally bake his own bread from scratch and it always smelled delicious.

5. Garlic. Okay, this may be weird, since most people say that garlic stinks. I disagree. I love love love the smell of garlic when it’s being used in foods. Though people’s breath after having eaten it, isn’t as great indeed, I don’t mind that either.

What food smells make your mouth water?

19 thoughts on “Five Food Aromas I Love #5Things

  1. Oh yes, coffee, I love that smell too!
    In my home country Sweden, there is this advice that if you are to sell or rent your house or appartment, you should bake cinnamon buns before people come to have a look, as this smell will automatically (and subconsciously) give people a good feeling when they come in.
    I also love the smell when you fry onions, if it’s just a hint of a smell from an open window somewhere.

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  2. Garlic smells amazing! I agree with your assessment of garlic breath for sure. Also, I used to work on a garlic farm, and the smell of garlic-plant juice that seeps into your skin and forms a permanent bond with your clothes…not so nice!

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  3. I don’t drink coffee much these days but I do love the smell of it. Freshly baked bread would also be on my top 5 food aromas as well and probably barbecued food too. I quite like the smell of garlic in food too. #MMBC

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