Getting Active #WotW

Hi everyone. Today I’m joining in with Word of the Week. It’s been nearly a year since I last joined this linky, but today I’m inspired to. The idea is to sum up your week in a word or phrase. My phrase for this week is: getting active.

You see, last week I was still pretty badly under the weather. This week, though I’m not fully recovered, I’m getting back on track. Though I did walk most days last week, I didn’t get in any other exercise.

This week, so far, I reached my step goal of 10K steps a day each day. I am pretty motivated. Last week, my husband joked that I’d earn a Domino’s pizza for every five million steps I took. That’d take me about a year and a half if I reached my step goal each and every day. I don’t, of course, but I do meet the goal about three times a week on average. This week, five times, so far. I still marvel at the fact that, about three years ago, I merely dreamt about reaching my step goal a few days a week and considered it a sign of optimal physical health. This does show that, as much as I may think I’m deteriorating, at least with respect to physical activity, I’m not.

In addition to walking, I went on the elliptical both yesterday and today. I got in only about ten minutes each day, but that’s okay, considering I’m still not fully recovered from my cold. Yesterday, I listened to a Christian workout playlist. Today, I chose the Southern rock playlist I created some years back when I still went on the elliptical regularly. It was good to listen to my favorite song on that playlist, Jessico by the Kentucky Headhunters.

I also did some core training, ie. planking. I can do it for about ten seconds at a time, which isn’t much, but oh well. I know that if I continue to try, I’ll get better eventually.

Being able to be this physically active, truly boosts my confidence. I mean, I had to buy new clothes this past week and the jeans I ordered, seemed a bit tight at first. This caused me to feel rather self-conscious about being overweight. My staff though reassured me that jeans always fit tighter when you first buy them. Besides, though I’m overweight, at least I still have the exact same size I had about six years ago when I ordered my current favorite jeans, for which the new ones are a replacement. This means I’m not gaining weight.

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16 thoughts on “Getting Active #WotW

  1. I used to like the song “Dumas Walker” by Kentucky Headhunters.

    I have still not worked my way up to exercise but I did switch to diet soda in an effort to kick my fizzy sweet drink addiction. Baby steps.

    Glad you are having great success.

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  2. Glad you are feeling better this week and well done on managing to get in 10k steps each day. It sounds like you’ve been doing well this week with getting some physical activity in and I can imagine how being able to do so boosts your confidence. Not gaining weight is still a positive – I wish I could say the same for the last six years! #WotW

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  3. Welcome back to #wotw and well done on your effort at getting more active. I think this is what I need to do. At the moment the most activity I do is to get up and let the cat in and out about 50 times a day!

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  4. Hello! I’m not sure if I’ve been to your blog before, but you left such a nice comment on mine I thought I’d pop over 🙂 Good for you trying to get active. Jeans can be weird, I think the more you wear a pair, the better they fit 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I want to reassure you though that 10K steps is not scientifically proven to be the minimum recommended step count. That’s just what the activity tracker manufacturers say. My husband claims that science shows 5K each day is enough. Regardless, good luck on getting in more physical activity.

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