More Time

Today’s Five Minute Friday (#FMF) prompt is “Time”. There are so many things I wish I would make more time for. Today, in five minutes (and I’m trying to do this in five minutes seriously), I am going to share about the things I want to make more time for in 2021.

First up, of course, is faith. I want to spend time each day praying and reading my Bible. I already read my Bible everyday so far in 2021, but sometimes it’s just five minutes before bed.

I have also created a faith-based journal in Day One, my diary app. In it, I want to write down my prayers as well as interesting Bible passages. I think consciously writing them down helps me devote more time to God.

Second is walking. I did a great job of this this past week, getting in over six hours of active zone minutes so far.

I also want to write more. I really aim to blog almost everyday. I would like to say everyday, but I can no longer make that work for 2021. But I can start now.

Then comes reading. I definitely want to read more. I am doing okay in this respect so far.

Lastly, self-care. I didn’t make a resolution about me time or essential oils this year, like in 2020, because I did well enough on it already. However, self-care also means taking good care of my body, and I could certainly improve on that.

By this I mean healthy eating, exercise other than walking, yoga, etc. I could definitely work on a healthier body.

That’s it. I did pretty well freewriting for five minutes flat and I was in fact already sort of done when the timer went off.

What do you hope to spend more time on in 2021?

14 thoughts on “More Time

  1. Glad to see another faith scribbler … I too love writing in my journal. I plan to spend time writing out the Word of God every day in my journal. #FMF

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I am so glad I created the faith journal, because kneeling to pray in silence doesn’t work for me (I constantly focus on the uncomfortable position I’m seated in then). This way I can focus on my prayer.

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      1. My Mum – who is the faith guru to me, lol – has always told me that, while kneeling is the most respectful position and most appropriate for prayer and should be kept if possible, it doesn’t make sense if it makes you uncomfortable or something to the point where you can’t focus on the actual prayer. A lot of people seem to see kneeling as the most important aspect of their prayer which I don’t think is exactly how it should be like, so I think it’s good you aren’t obsessing over it. For me it’s not an issue but I do struggle with focusing on prayer a lot and it’s frustrating, so I think it’s worth making any changes, within reason, that can make it work better. Journaling seems like a very cool and creative way of doing this!

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        1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m so with you and your Mom on focusing on prayer being more important than the right position. I’m glad I’m not alone in struggling to focus on my prayers.

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