My 2021 Word of the Year

Okay, the first week of January is already over and people have come to say it’s weird to wish each other a happy new year even if this is their first time meeting in 2021. It may be a bit late for me to pick a word for the new year. Then again, it’s one of Mama Kat’s prompts for this week. Besides, last year I didn’t choose my word for the year until January 10. I had the flu to excuse it with then, but oh well.

Last year I picked “Wellbeing” as my word for the year. I was somehow convinced it’d be a bad omen though. It wasn’t, in the sense that I didn’t end up in a major health crisis in 2020. Then again, the world at large did.

This year, I’ve had a word in mind for several weeks now and yet I keep making up my mind about it. I want to deepen my faith this year, so shouldn’t something like “faith” be my word of the year. That’d be too easy though. Rather, I based my word for 2021 on Bobby Schuller’s book. It is: BELOVED.

I want to focus this year on the creed of the beloved as Schuller outlines it in his book You Are Beloved. It is:
I am not what I do.
I am not what I have.
I am not what others say about me.
I do not need to worry.
I do not need to hurry.
I can trust my friend Jesus.

I also want to focus this year on my relationship with God and with others. After all, “beloved” does not just apply to me, but to my husband and others around me too. The fact that I am a beloved child of God, also, implies that I need to accept God as my Heavenly Father.

Now of course my thoughts are going back to the idea that this word of the year would be tempting fate. I fear that, now that I chose “Beloved”, it will mean I’ll lose my husband or other important people in my life this year. Even if this happens, though, I can show my love for them. I can start to express love right now, after all.

What is your word for 2021?

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21 thoughts on “My 2021 Word of the Year

  1. What a beautiful word to choose Astrid. And I am so happy to read that you see Jesus as your friend. I do too. The best friend that anyone could ever have. I have actually purchased the book that you mention on Kindle and I am going to read it. I have read just a little bit of the beginning of it and it looks wonderful. Thank you so much for telling us about this book. I pray that things work out for you this year and I understand what you are saying about your husband and others. Similar things are happening for me to. I join with you Astrid. We are all Beloved of God

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          1. I love the word Belived Astrid. It was that word that drew me in. I know that I will enjoy the book. I will let you know what I think as Ibread it. God bless you Astrid. Hesus is my friend too, so I stretch out my hand to you across the water. We all journey together.

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  2. Ahhhh, I love this! This is someone I put into practicing and this is my 3rd year now. I pick a word in the beginning and at the end.. My word in 2020 was create and definitely found alignment with that as I created an entire new life for myself becoming a master shaman and releasing 3 books of my poetry. By the end it was beauty because of all the immense I beauty I saw all year long in spite of all of the pain and fear. It all serves. This year my word is freedom. I commit to my soul’s freedom and just wrote a post about it. We are all born free, then we are molded by society and conditioned out of our wilderness origins. My life is lead by my soul now, I’m compelled by it and express from it. I adore your word, beloved. May you honor yourself and all of life in this regard for the essense all around you. You are a beloved creature of light and love, may you shine bright🎆🌠❤🤗

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  3. Though I never thought of a word like that before reading your post but after reading your post I thought If I have to think a word for this year then it will be “HOPE”.

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  4. I don’t do the WOtY but I like yours. I think each of us strive to be closer, nearer to God and in these turbulent times what better place to be then at the feet of Jesus or beneath his arm cradled safe from the negativity surrounding us. I want my light for Jesus to shine in all things. I am determined to keep the dark cloud of gloom at bay. It’s a dreadful, ugly feeling and if I’m not happy then the evil one wins. That’s not acceptable in my book. I hope your ‘beloved’ faith grows stronger each day throughout 2021, my dear!

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    1. Thank you so much for encouraging me! I agree 100% about us needing to seek shelter in Jesus’ presence and about the danger the enemy presents especially this time.


  5. Such a lovely word, Astrid!

    Right now, at this very moment, if I had to choose any word, it would be “survive”, and for so many reasons.

    Probably a good word for many of us as we come through the door of this new year!

    Stay safe!

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