My 2020 Word of the Year

And I finally feel well enough to write what I hope to be a coherent post. Last Wednesday, I wrote one too, but I barely remember it and someone commented that she could feel the flu through the screen. I had a relatively mild case, as I only ran a fever for two days I think. I still have a sore throat, some mild nausea and feel generally unwell, but I’ve at least been able to stay up all day.

We’re already almost half through the first month of the year. This week though, Kristi over at Finding Ninee is hosting Finish the Sentence Friday with the theme of your word for the year. These are, like I said last year, always posts I dread making, as I’m never quite sure life will happen as I imagined it would and then I end up beating myself up. Like, in 2018, I chose “Be” as my word even though it was to be the most eventful year in quite a while. I was just very naive. This year, if I choose a similar word, intending life to go on as it has for the past few months, I’m sure I’m creating a bad omen. Then no doubt will I be kicked out of the care facility. Yes, I’m pretty superstitious like that.

So for this year, a lot of words floated through my mind. “Mindful” and “Calm” did, but I was sure the passivity of them would create a bad omen. “Growth” doesn’t feel right, as that seems like the opposite in some way, requiring me to make progress in some yet undetermined respect.

So, the word I’m picking for this year just popped up into my mind as I sat down to write this post. It is: WELLBEING.

Now let’s hope I don’t get into some type of life-altering health crisis this year. Then still if I do, I can still focus on my wellbeing within the limits my body will set.

4 thoughts on “My 2020 Word of the Year

  1. agree with Brian, excellent choice with ‘WELLBEING’

    not to overthink it* I think I like wellbeing over the other, similar but different words, like healthy, fulfilled, growth and even, mindful.
    In a way, ‘wellbeing’ captures them all by including ‘being’ (noun and verb) with ‘well’, which is not great not fantastic, just well, which surely speaks of balance.

    I better stop now…lol have a good second half of the first month.

    *like I’ve ever been accused of that**
    ** lol

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  2. Wellbeing seems like the perfect word. I, too, am suspicious and worry about what I put out there changing the outcome of how things may be. Wellbeing covers all of the bases though, I think, and my hope is that this year will bring you exactly that, through all situations.

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    1. Thanks so much. It’s probably because I’ve had so many words of the year not work out and I’m not even sure that’s been within my control, that makes me want to be careful what word I pick.


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