Gratitude List (June 12, 2020) #TToT

It’s Friday again. I’m still feeling pretty off. I have a lot on my mind, but rather than dwelling on it, I’m going to write a gratitude list. I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) again.

1. Bookshare. This is a service that provides accessible eBooks to people with print disabilities. It costs $50 per year and my husband just renewed my subscription. I love it! Not all books are available internationally, but enough are that I enjoy the service.

2. Smoothies. A staff gave me a smoothie maker on Monday. I already had a blender, but this one is a bit smaller and comes with its own screw-on drinking bottles. I have been loving making my own smoothies! Particularly, I loved one with apple, cinnamon, almond milk and oatmeal.

3. Tacos. Or Tortillas or whatever these particular ones are called. We made those at day activities yesterday. We filled them with lettuce, chicken and pesto. My husband commented that pesto isn’t supposed to go on a wrap, but whatever.

4. Crafting a bit. The same staff who brought the smoothie maker, came again today and did some crafting with me and another client. We made some type of cards for a staff who earned her carer diploma recently.

5. Lots of steps again. I reached 10K steps each day this week except for today.

6. My former support coordinator. I texted her yesterday, half assuming she had deleted my contact info and wasn’t sure who I was anymore. Not so though. She offered to call me and we spoke for a bit.

7. My current staff. They are absolutely taking my care needs seriously. One thing I found out through my former support coordinator is that they’re considering applying for a higher care profile for me. This has me feel all sorts of things that I can’t describe on my blog in case someone from the funding authorities reads it. Particularly, I was scared this would mean a whole new long-term care assessmment, which would mean a risk of losing my care. My support staff did reassure me though.

8. My community psychiatric nurse. I tried to call her through the mental health agency’s secretary this afternoon, but the secretary had their automated lunch-break message on long past 1PM. I E-mailed my CPN and thankfully she got from my message that I wanted a call despite my not actually having asked her for one. She helped me process some of my feelings.

This is it for now. What are you grateful for?

20 thoughts on “Gratitude List (June 12, 2020) #TToT

  1. My kid, cats, and having our own place and a car are givens to be thankful for. What really makes my gratitude grow is having my blog on wordpress and having a forum to connect with other who understand what I am writing about. Makes life feel a lot less lonely and isolated.

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  2. Your smoothie maker sounds great Astrid. And the e Book sounds good too. I am grateful for my doggy, Hope, and our motability car that takes two wheelchairs, one for me and one for hubby, so that we can at least leave the house for a while. I am grateful for the wind that sang to me this afternoon, and for pepperoni pizza that we had for dinner, with lovely sweetcorn. I an SO grateful for the lovely people who read my blog and like my poems and stories. It is so lovely to connect with peiple from all over the workd. I think that is it for now, except maybe my bed lol.

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        1. You really should. They’re pretty cheap, like starting at $15 if you don’t need lots of fancy features. My blender that’s currently in the home’s kitchen, cost over $50, but that one is pretty powerful and had lots of additional pieces. Smoothies are totally delicious and often healthy too.


  3. I’m glad your current staff was able to reassure you regarding your care, and I hope that everything works out to your benefit.
    Putting pesto on a tortilla sounds delicious. Now you’ve got me thinking about what to eat for lunch! 🙂
    Have a good week! Thanks for linking up with the TToT again!

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  4. Ten. Thousand. Steps?!!
    I know I should walk more than I do, but, you know, cars.
    At least its summer so I can work in the woods which mostly involves moving brush and broken tree parts from one place to another.
    Have a good week ahead.

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  5. I love pesto, so putting it on a taco or wrap is perfectly acceptable in my world.
    You mentioned putting oatmeal in your smoothy. Is that cooked oatmeal or just the dry oats? Either way it sounds like a healthy smoothy.
    Bookshare sounds like a great deal for you.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. The oatmeal isn’t cooked, just the dry oats. Some recipes recommend using instant oatmeal which when cooked has a shorter cook time, but I just used the regular kind and it worked fine.


  6. Bookshare sounds fab. I’ve been enjoying Audible, there are some really good audiobooks on there.
    I hope you get all of the support that you need from your care plan.
    I’m grateful for puppy snuggles! Our labrador puppy has really helped during the lockdown.
    Thanks so much for joining #MMBC. Take care.

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