Five Things I Do For Fun

Good evening all! I’m having tons of thoughts and feelings right now, but they’re not to be shared on the blog as of yet. Instead, I am joining Mama Kat and sharing five things I do for fun. Maybe listing things I enjoy doing will distract me.

1. Reading. I used to hate reading as a child. As a teen, I developed an interest in Caja Cazemier’s young adult fiction, but none of it was suited for school beyond the eighth grade. I hated all the classics we had to read in school.

Then when I started university as a linguistics major, I was sent a book we were supposed to read before classes started. It was probably sent out to all humanities majors, as at least in our classes, it was never mentioned.

I’m not in college or school now though and can do what I want. So I read. I started with non-fiction and memoirs, but now I read fiction too.

2. Cooking. That is, simple food prep. I got a smoothie maker from one of the staff last Monday and have been loving making my own smoothies. I also love to make salads and other relatively simple lunches. I need some help with it, but the smoothie I made yesterday, I did almost entirely independently.

3. Crafting. Particularly soap and bath and body product making. I haven’t gotten down to that much lately, but I love it.

I also love trying out other crafts, though I usually need considerable help with those. I have tried many crafts in the past and still would love to try some again.

4. Researching my most recent special interests. Right now, they are smoothie recipes, so I combine this with #2 above. I can totally get a mood booster from reading up online on some topic that interests me.

5. Blogging. Yes, I still blog for fun! I sometimes get caught up in negativity if my stats are down, but most of the time, I truly blog for the fun of it.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Mama’s Losin’ It

16 thoughts on “Five Things I Do For Fun

  1. Nice list of fun. Crafts are fun. I like crocheting, but usually just in winter. Summer fun is growing vegetables and caring for my flower beds. I like trying planting new things.
    Husband and I play an online multi-player questing game together and enjoy that. (Star War the Old Republic)

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    1. Oh, all that sounds like lots of fun! I tried crocheting too, but don’t have the patience for it. The online multiplayer game sounds cool too.


  2. I’m grateful for the internet and how easy it is to research just about anything. I also enjoy cooking even though I seemingly resented it for several years!
    I hope blogging your list took your mind off stressful things.

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  3. I like blogging for fun, too! It’s a shame more people are on social media than blogging, but I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Maybe it will make a comeback one of these days!

    I thought about soapmaking recently, but haven’t started it. Just watched a bunch of youtube videos. It’s soothing to watch it happen, though!


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  4. Just as I started reading your post I remembered that I made a note to myself early this morning. “Order a copy of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”….this…because the old movie was on and I decided to find the book and tuck it away in my office library.

    I was on a mission until I hit Amazon, with used book prices ranging from $55.00 to over $200.00.

    But…you also wrote about crafting and I have a great deal of new yarn just waiting to be made into…something.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Stay safe!

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  5. Love your list! I loved reading as a kid, but forgot I enjoyed it when school started dictating what I had to read (just like you). I don’t mind the classics, but they’re never page-turners for me. Memoirs and non-fiction can be really fascinating!

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