COVID-19 Again

I was rather late dedicating a specific post to COVID-19. As such, you might think that not much has changed. However, then you’d be wrong. I guess our government was late with the infection spread prevention measures too. Then again, we didn’t have cases of the virus here in the Netherlands until some two or three weeks ago I think. I may be mistaken, as I hardly ever watch the news.

As such, I did not hear the prime minister’s two press conferences, one last week Thursday and one on Sunday. I did not hear his address to the public on Monday either. I did not watch the Lower House debate yesterday, in which the public health minister apparently fainted. I wonder how they did the debate, given that gatherings are now prohibited.

I did hear some about the news from my family and staff though. My sister called on Sunday, wanting to catch up. She works in a restaurant, so she’s out of work now. Thankfully, her husband works in an office job, so he can work from home.

My mother called on Monday. My parents are both retired, so they don’t have to worry about unemployment. However, my mother is 64 and my father is 71, so I do worry about their health should they catch the virus.

My husband’s work is still going on for now. He works as a truck driver in what is apparently a vital part of transport.

Like I mentioned on Monday, the day center I go to closed yesterday. The day center staff are now coming out to our homes to provide us with activities. I took some of my stuff from the day center with me to the home on Tuesday. Some staff even transferred my elliptical to the home.

Thankfully here, going outside for walks is not yet prohibited. I hope it won’t ever be. I’ve been going for walks with staff twice to three times a day each day now. I don’t need to worry about not getting my physical exercise for now.

I haven’t been in a grocery store yet since the measures took effect, since my facility orders groceries online. However, my husband said yesterday that the grocery store was completely out of regular bread, but it still carried lots of raisin bread.

I do feel that we live in a rather interesting time. It feels very odd, but in a way it feels comforting knowing that we have the Internet now.

Mama’s Losin’ It

11 thoughts on “COVID-19 Again

  1. Not to make light out of a very bad situation but without humor we’re not gonna get too far…It’s gotta say something about raisin bread when even during a pandemic it does not get bought out. 😉

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  2. These, indeed, are strange times. An economist here in the US said this would cause what he called a “V shaped” Recession in the economy, that would quickly bounce back in months to come afterwards. Such people usually are pretty good judges of such things.

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  3. I appreciate, we all appreciate, a little humor…thank you! Just ran out to the market and my first stop was the bread aisle. Yes. I purchased 3 loaves of Raisin Bread and stood there, smiling to myself.

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  4. It’s very interesting to read about how other countries are handling this pandemic. Keep us updated! I don’t think they will forbid walks as long as you stay a distance from other people. I can imagine this has rocked your world a bit with the center closing. Hang in there and stay healthy!

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    1. Thanks so much. Yes, the center closing is pretty hard, as I was just getting used to being at this center. Then again, the upside is that I can retreat into my room now if I want/need to.

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