Gratitude List (January 17, 2020) #TToT

It’s been forever since I last wrote a gratitude list. This past week has been truly mixed, but I still feel there’s enough I can be thankful for. I’m joining in with #TToT again.

1. Domino’s Pizza. Last week, I went home to my husband for the week-end. When we were in the car, my husband asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner. I said “Pizza” and my husband in turn asked me whether there’s a Domino’s in Zevenaar, the city closest to our home in Lobith. I said there is. However, we’d been taking an alternate route to Lobith, so my husband said we wouldn’t drive through Zevenaar, so did I mind getting pizza elsewhere? Then he started teasing me, saying stuff like “You’re still a bit sick right?” and wouldn’t it be better if we had macaroni with lots of veggies. Eventually though, he did drive to Zevenaar and we had Domino’s pizza. I loved my chicken kebab pizza!

2. The flu being gone. I feel pretty much as well as possible now.

3. Meeting the neighbors. On Sunday, our next door neighbors organized a New Year’s gathering for the people in our street and the surrounding neighborhood. My husband and I are new, so as a kind gesture to me, they had each person in attendance introduce themselves and also describe the appearance of the person next to them. I liked it. The neighbors seem nice. I at first wasn’t too sure how much to disclose about my situation, but eventually did manage to explain some without launching into some type of self-centered and depressing monologue.

4. The soap making plans. I told you about it already on Monday. I’m hoping my husband will be able to bring my supplies tomorrow. He did ask me to think of another activity we can do together in Lobith, since I asked him to bring all my supplies. I after all didn’t feel it’d be a good idea to let him sort through my stuff. Now that I think of it, several ideas come to mind.

5. Ylang Ylang essential oil. I had this in my diffuser on Monday night when I was too hyper to sleep. It’s a lovely scent.

6. Over 8,000 steps on Tuesday. I walked three times. The other days have also been relatively good in the activity department.

7. The peanut butter-chocolate smoothie bowl we made on Wednesday.

8. Chatting to some fellow clients. Like I’ve said before, most people in my home are non-speaking and severely intellectually disabled, but there are some clients in other homes and at day activities who can speak and with whom I can have a normal by non-disabled standards conversation. I had some nice interactions this past week.

9. Lorazepam. Like I said yesterday, I was in a bit of a crisis. Thankfully, the PRN lorazepam I took worked.

10. Getting my Braille display fixed. Some dots had been stuck up for a few weeks. I thought the thing just needed cleaning, so I was hesitant to call the company to get a tech guy to come over. Turned out two cells were broken. I’m so happy the thing is fixed now. I did okay reading with these few dots stuck up, but still, it was a bit annoying.

What have you been thankful for lately?

15 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 17, 2020) #TToT

    1. Thanks. I usually average about 4000 steps a day. Then again, the effort also pays off at least in the brain, so if you have a physical disability, those 4000 steps might be just as good for your brain at least (not your calorie burning, of course) as someone else’s 8000 steps.

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  1. I am glad you were able to get your Braille machine repaired. It must have felt good to be able to have some normal conversations and interactions part of the week. That sounds like a fun way for you to have been able to meet people in your neighborhood. What a kind and welcoming gesture your neighbors made.
    Glad to see you here at TToT again.

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  2. I’m sad to hear you had a flu and a crisis, but it’s great that the flu is gone now and that things are generally better.
    I hope you’ll have fun with soap making, and I’m glad that despite the majority of the clients in your facility are intellectually disabled you do have someone to talk to. 🙂

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  3. Hey! Astrid! Good to ‘hear’ from you again. Thanks for the update and totally good that you managed to get your computer back in functioning condition. Man, that totally brings home how large a component of my social life is ‘out here’ in the virtual world. This is, of course, both part of what makes it so remarkable and, at the same time increases my gratitude for the technology that makes it possible.
    Have a good week.

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    1. Agree. I remember in 2009, before smartphones or even universal WiFi (the psych unit didn’t have WiFi), having my laptop break down and it taking a month before I could get a new one. I wasn’t as involved in the virtual world, in the sense that I “needed” to be up-to-date, as I am now. Now I’m so happy to have my iPhone and my laptop and also two Braille displays, as I was allowed to keep the old one when health insurance paid for this one.

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  4. I’m glad to see you here at the TToT again! I’m sorry you had the flu; I’ve heard it’s a bad year for it. I’m glad you got your Braille display fixed. I can only imagine how buggy it must have been to read around the broken cells.

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  5. I like Domino’s, and I am fortunate that I have several locations here in town to choose from. If I couldn’t get good pizza easily, I would not be happy! It’s one of my favorite foods! Sorry you had the flu. I’m hoping the flu shot works this year! So nice of the neighbors to host a get-together AND to go to special lengths when introducing you. I hope you have a terrific week ahead!

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