We don’t have an alter named Jade. We do have one named Jane, one named Janita and one named Jace (short for Jaclyn). But we have no Jade. Then again, we love jade.

Jade is a beautiful green gemstone. At least, that’s the color we know. There are also creamy white and blue jades. We had at least one, a green jade, in our gemstone collection, I believe.

It is supposed to be a protective stone, in terms of crystal healing. I’m not sure I believe in crystal healing, but to some extent, I guess I do. Jade is supposed to promote self-sufficiency. In that sense, I guess our alter named Jane would love it as her stone.

When I look at the supposed benefits of jade, I see it also promotes balance, harmony and moderation. To me, this signifies that it could be an especially useful stone for us.

It isn’t specifically suited to our Zodiac sign. That is, it is suited to Libra, which we are supposed to be if you take our due date as our birth date. Which I have no idea whether any astrologers even do. I guess not. Our regular Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Jade is connected to the heart chakra. The heart chakra’s color is green. At least, when I did a guided color meditation using the chakras, I was told to envision the heart chakra as green. I wonder whether there’s any connection between the main colors of gemstones and what chakras they’re most related to.

Synesthetically, the word “jade” is also green. Three out of the four letters are green and the overarching color of the word is an emerald green. I truly think it’s amazing!

Linking up with #JusJoJan, for which the prompt today is “jade”. I’m not sure I’m allowed to link up, since I didn’t previously participate this year, but oh well.

9 thoughts on “Jade

  1. I could almost see jade as you spoke, right in the heart chakra.
    You were over 2 months early?
    I too am Cancer, no jade for us, only rubys, perhaps it should be moonstone since we are said to be a moon children under our sign.
    Thank you for sharing lovely shades of jade today.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I am glad I was able to help you visualize jade. Yes, I was born three months premature. Born on June 27 and my due date was September 29.


  2. While I am not a huge fan of the name Jade, I don’t dislike it either, and I have three jades in my gem stone collection and I love them a lot. I am not a preemie myself, but I know a lot of preemies and perhaps that’s why I’ve been wondering about it on a few occasions, whether a due date could have any impact on a person who was born prematurely. It’s very interesting ang.

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    1. Yes it’s definitely something I’ve considered. I mean, when I still read horoscopes in women’s magazines regularly, if Cancer didn’t fit, I’d always check Libra. I meant it kind of jokingly then, but now that I’m a little interested in spirituality and the paranormal, it does make me wonder seriously.

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