#IWSG: My Future Writing Self

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means I’m linking up with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (#IWSG) again. I did okay in the writing department this past month. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about writing more than I actually wrote. To mention how I’d like to write more in the coming month, seems like a pointlessly repetitive statement though.

However, the optional question for this month’s #IWSG is to envision your future writing self. Let me share.

My future writing self will have finally taken a course on memoir writing. I’ve been looking at them but, since they’re usually really expensive, I don’t feel I can invest the money in them. Then again, if I ever want to be successful as a writer, it’s going to be as a memoirist. I mean, let’s face it: I can’t write poetry or fiction that’s catching at all.

I will then have written and maybe even self-published my own memoir. I don’t need to earn any money off of it, but I’d love it if other people read my story.

My future writing self will also have written more on this blog, including actually poetry and short fiction. She will not feel as self-conscious about her writing as I do now. I mean, no, my writing may not be the best when compared to other people’s, but it’s the best way I can express myself.

My future writing self will actually be able to sit and plan a story or, like I said, a memoir. She will be able to actually complete the work she starts even if it takes longer to write. In the past, I could actually write longer stories and I even have a few unfinished novels. I don’t intend on ever publishing a work of fiction except on this blog, but I do wish to have the patience to complete something that could be turned into a book. Right now, I impulsively start a ton of projects I think will be great, but drop them again within hours to days.

For example, I have been thinking of starting a prompt-based writing challenge. No, not another word-of-the-day challenge. They’re great, but there are enough of them on WordPress already. Rather, I’d like to start a journaling challenge based on prompts around self-discovery and reflection. I already registered a WordPress site for it, so in a hurry in fact that I initially accepted a missspelled subdomain suggestion. I fixed that (registered another blog with a correctly spelled address), but now I’m stuck. I don’t lack inspiration, but I have no idea how to go about actually promoting this challenge to the masses and am not even sure my idea will catch on. Then, the fact that I cannot create images to go with my posts, is holding me back, because whoever finds a short prompt that doesn’t have a catchy image with it? Maybe this idea is bad indeed, but I wanted the #IWSG community to know about it. We’ll see what 2020 will have in store for me.

6 thoughts on “#IWSG: My Future Writing Self

  1. The writing prompt challenge sounds really great, as do all your other writing ideas! 🙂 But I do understand the promotion issue. I seem to be rubbish at that which my experiences with previous blogs have shown, and I never know how to go about it. I’ve also had a few ideas for blog challenges but they never came out of my brain into the world mostly for the very same reason. And the images can be a pain in the neck really. The idea sounds really great though, as I said, and if you will go for it perhaps you should try reblogging your posts from that blog on this one, for a start, and I’d be happy to reblog you too for those readers of my blog who may not follow yours and I’m sure other readers of your blog will be happy to help with spreading the word and perhaps that will attract more people. You could participate in your own challenge on this blog so people would be encouraged. I guess there have been some blogs or bloggers in the blogosphere who were gathering the info on various challenges, like that you could let them know about a challenge you were hosting and they would put the info about it on their page, I’m not sure it’s a thing any longer though but I think I’ve seen such a challenges directory at Cee Neuner’s blog months ago. And there are all those meet ang greet sort of parties like at Trina’s of It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes so maybe getting some exposure there would help your new site. Good luck. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so very much for the encouragement. These are all great ideas you have for working the promo thing. I think I’ll ask if there’s a sighted person out there willing to help me create some logo or badge to go with it so that at least I have some image.

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