Starting My Weight Loss Journey Again (And This Time for Real)

In the first week of my being in the care facility, I got weighed in. I hadn’t been weighed since sometime in like February. Not surprisingly, I had gained about 2-3kg in these nine months. I didn’t immediately take action though, as I felt I’d had to get used to being in the facility first and see how my weight would progress. Two weeks ago, I got weighed in and had gained about 500 grams again. This isn’t huge and could be due to the time of day I was being weighed in, but I decided it was time for action anyway. I’ve been in the facility for two months now and need to make sure I don’t gain any weight and ultimately lose some.

As regular readers of this blog know, I’m short-statured at only 1.53m. The upper border of healthy weight, as such, is 58.5kg. The border between overweight and obesity is 70.2kg. I weighed 74.9kg two weeks ago. This means I’ll have to lose at least 5kg. I have no intention of getting to a healthy weight, but I really want to cross the border back from obese to overweight. I also know I can do this, as I did this about 18 months ago too. Now though, once I reach overweight status, I have no intention of crossing the border back to obese.

I discussed my eating habits with my husband. He said that, if I skip just the cookie at morning coffee break and don’t change anything else, I’ll have lost those 5kg in a year or two. I want to go faster though. For this reason, I’ve also changed from chocolate spread to peanut butter on my breakfast bread. I know, peanut butter still isn’t low-calorie, but it’s a lot healthier than chocolate spread. At lunchtime, I still got two slices of bread which were heavily topped with butter and sweet toppings, one with peanut butter and the other usually with chocolate spread or chocolate flakes. There’s a mealtime assistant who prepares our lunch and I didn’t want to have a huge list of demands of her, given that I already have quite a few likes and dislikes on my list. Like, I can’t stand ham or cheese (unless toasted). I basically only eat what are called sweet toppings and don’t even like all of those. As such, I initially didn’t want to say that I don’t want butter and don’t want my bread too heavily topped. After discussing it with the staff, we agreed to put this on my list of lunchtime menu requests anyway.

My husband advised me for the millionth time to drink more water. At first, I was like, how do I remember to drink enough water? He told me to put reminders in my iPhone. At first, I thought that would be weird or annoying and indeed it’s a hassle to put reminders in my phone via the default reminders app. I however remembered a friend recommending an app that reminds you to drink water and where you can log your water intake. I searched for it. The first one I found cost like €8,99/week and hardly had any free features. I mean seriously?! Who would pay almost €40 a month for an app to remind you to drink water? I doubted my friend meant this app. Turned out there’s another app by a similar name that’s free and €9,99 once for paid features. I got that one and love it! I had some trouble setting it up at first, but now it reminds me each hour between 9AM and 9PM to drink water. Its sound is really catchy. I reached my recommended water intake goal for the past three or four days and almost reached it for the entire week that I’ve been using the app.

I finally made my Fitbit activity tracker work again this past week too. It had been lying around ever since I came here because its battery was empty and I couldn’t find the charger. Then when I finally found it, the app had somehow locked me out. I got in again after an app update. I notice that, though overall I manage fewer daily steps than before I moved here, my active hours are better. This means I get over 250 steps most hours during the day. Today, I didn’t do that well in this department, but I did manage nearly 8000 steps throughout the day.

I was pretty conscious of my eating habits all through the week, making sure I eat my veggies if there’s even the slightest chance I may be able to like them. Before this, I’d not even try a lot of them. I made sure to eat enough fruit. Not that I had much trouble with that before, but fruit usually meant bananas. These are relatively high in calories and very sugary. Thankfully, we had grapes, kiwifruit and clementines too, as well as of course apples and sometimes pears.

Over the week-end, I stayed at the facility. When discussing my weight loss plans with my husband, I mentioned that we get chips on week-ends. However, this week-end, we also got pancakes for lunch and a lot of other treats. I didn’t really like the result this would have on my weight, but also found it hard to resist them.

My staff wasn’t particularly motivating either. Some literally told me to wait for January to start my healthier lifestyle routine, as I’d not make it in December anyway. I mean, yes, we celebrate St. Nicholas with a fries and snacks stand on Thursday and get a lot of extra treats this holiday season. Does that mean I don’t need to eat in moderation? Someone asked an overeaters’ support group a few weeks back and was encouraged to follow through now in spite of the holidays. Now I don’t really like the abstinence-focused mindset of Overeaters Anonymous and the like, but I have always felt that you can always start on a healthier lifestyle journey right now.

Yesterday, I decided to get weighed in. I wanted to know how bad the result really was and how much I’d have to lose once I’d start my journey for real. Well, guess what? I weighed 73.8kg. This truly motivates me.

On Thursday, I fully intend to not stuff myself full of fries and snacks even though I can. Tomorrow, my support coordinator has an evening shift and I’ll be asking her to ask her colleagues for help on my weight loss journey. I realized this past week-end that some make me really uncomfortable with how often they offer me food. I mean, my husband was annoyed at my former support worker for allowing me (not encouraging me!) to buy binge food when she took me to the store on Thursdays. I didn’t realize and probably didn’t want to admit that, in some respects, my current staff are worse. I mean, I haven’t had a binge since buying liquorice with my mother-in-law three weeks ago and the staff definitely discouraged that, but weight gain isn’t about an occasional binge. It’s about what you eat everyday.

14 thoughts on “Starting My Weight Loss Journey Again (And This Time for Real)

  1. Good for you. I suspect the staff gives adults sweet and starchy treats for the same reason that people give them to children. It’s an easy and relatively cheap thing to do that makes people smile. It’s harder to be creative and come up with interesting, healthy activities.

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    1. Yes, that makes sense. Also, most other clients can’t talk and I can. I guess they think I know when enough is enough, because they do limit the other clients’ food intake a little.

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  2. Don’t listen to the ones that say don’t make your changes this month because of the holiday or whatever excuse they give you. I truly believe that we have to make changes when we fell it is the right time for us. If you put it off you will lose your motivation and desire to do it and may not do it. Sure it might be a little harder now with Christmas this month but if you are feeling motivated and have the desire to do it then you should. Who knows maybe you won’t lose anything or very little but at the same time maybe with being more aware of what your eating and activity it will help you not gain as a lot of people do this time of the year. That in itself is a win. I have “dieted” or changed the way I eat and things this time of the year and have seen some decent amount of weight lose. Hopefully you will too. Maybe they are being negative because they are not happy with their selves and want to lose as well but don’t have the will power or desire to do it right now so they don’t want to see anyone else do it either. Who knows just ignore them and make your changes.

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  3. Good luck with your weight loss! I’m rooting for you.

    And I’m trying to lose a few pounds this month, too, so I feel your struggle with resisting holiday treats. 🙂

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  4. Losing weight is very hard work but you are obviously very motivated. Do watch your portion of peanut butter as though peanuts are healthy fat they are still fat..
    Some tips are to watch your portions -main meal – quarter plate carbohydrate – potato, pasta, rice, etc, quarter plate protein- meat, fish, half plate vegetables. Breakfast – porridge is good – skimmed or semi skimmed milk. Lunch- healthy sandwich, snacks- fruit.. you can have biscuits and chocolate but watch the quantity.. ten bourbon biscuits could be 700 calories… very easy to eat.. also to aim for 10 000 steps daily, but any activity is good – working up a sweat..

    Good luck, enjoy Christmas but just consider your portions. Sounds like you are working hard!

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. We get readymade meals for dinner here in the facility and they make sure we get enough veggies and not too much meat with them, but I think they contain a lot more potatoes etc than would be healthy judging by your example. As for the peanut butter, yes, we told the mealtime assistant to watch how much she puts onto my sandwiches.

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      1. Good that they give you plenty of veg. Potatoes may be consider 3 egg size potatoes max, but you do need your carbs for energy.. just not to much. You are motivated, so hopefully you will lose more. Yes peanut butter is yummy but yes spread it thinly.

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