Gratitude List (January 18, 2019) #TToT

This week is truly not the best one and that’s a huge understatement. I felt a little lost early in the week. I tried to exercise in order to make myself feel better. This was somewhat of a success. Then yesterday I fell and suffered a small fracture in my left collarbone. Nonetheless, I am going to attempt a short gratitude list. As always, I’m linking up with #TToT.

1. Swimming on Tuesday. It was the first time in six weeks that I went swimming again. I was a little panicked at first, but it went well eventually.

2. My mother-in-law. On Wednesday, my support coordinator had to cancel her visit to me at the last minute, but thankfully, my mother-in-law could pick me up. I had fun eating with my in-laws and my MIL’s niece, who temporarily lives with them.

3. My support staff. My support coordinator was kind enough to call me back as soon as she could to explain why she had to cancel our appt. She offered to come by two times next week.

Also, like I said, I fell yesterday. I was very dizzy from the pain at first. Nonetheless, I thought little of it. After an hour though, I was still in a lot of pain, so decided to call the doctor’s office. His assistant advised me to come see the doctor, but the GP surgery is in the next town, so I needed transportation. My mother-in-law couldn’t leave home and advised me to call a taxi. I didn’t know how to do that, so called my support worker, who jumped in the car and drove to me. She went to the doctor with me.

4. Painkillers. It turned out I had a small collarbone fracture. It wasn’t so bad that I needed a sling or whatever, but the doctor did give me strong painkillers. This was a little hard to figure out, since I take a lot of other medications with which pain meds might interact. I just took my third dose of the pain medicine about two hours ago, since I can only take it twice a day. I’m still in some pain, but it is bearable if I don’t put too much pressure on my arm. This does mean typing with my left hand for a long while, such as typing up this blog post, is a struggle.

5. Candy. I treated myself to candy today. I ate it all already. We also had French fries again. Now I am stuffed. However, it felt good indulging into some comfort food.

6. Reading. I was very much into reading some fiction again early this week. I usually read non-fiction, but enjoy young adult fiction at times. I had started reading the book I finished this week already a few months ago, but somehow moved through it quickly now. It is called And She Was by Jessica Verdi. I have made a start to a review, which I will publish soon.

What have you been grateful for?

8 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 18, 2019) #TToT

  1. You did really well trying to type your TToT post using just one hand, all the while being in pain and on medications. I know what you mean as to how difficult it can be to manage taking several different kinds of medications all the while making sure there aren’t any interactions. I hope you are able to heal quickly from your fracture and don’t have any more falls.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your fracture. Bravo for being able to type up this post with that limitation.
    It is so nice you got to spend time with your MIL sad she couldn’t help you to the doctor, but your support coordinator came to the rescue! Awesome.
    You some crummy things happen, but it sounds like a number of things to be grateful for. 🙂

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  3. Hope you heal super fast and recover to your full self. This is such a lovely post. Even at times of pain you’ve made yourself useful to others by reminding us to be greatful.
    honestly, I am grateful for people like you who show such love and appreciation by simply Being Grateful.
    I am greatful for;
    1. My husband – though life has no been not a bed of roses he tries his best to keep the thorns off.
    2. Reading – The fact that I was educated and on my own picked up a great interest into reading alomost anything and finding something meaningful, funny and useful. not everyone in my country reads and write in English.
    3. Wine – once in a while it is nice to just chill out with a glass of wine either reading or listening to music.
    3. 70s 80s 90s music – am so grateful as a 80’s kid I was exposed to the best of music growing up and could still enjoy them anytime of the day.
    4.gardening – though i do not have a house of my own and having moved houses 05 times in 05 years after marriage; always found space to plant something or the other and enjoy doing that even if I am to plant them in soda cans
    5. Nature – I find nature to be alive and creative in many ways. I am able to bask in nature in all sorts for as long as it takes. People may call that boring but I could just do that. I just soak in creativity.
    6. Christ – I am grateful that a living relationship with my saviour has seen me through the thick and thin in pain and joy.

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