What Is My Body Telling Me? #Write31Days

Welcome to day seven in #Write31Days. Man, I’m getting tired of this challenge, as it doesn’t look like any of my readers care for it. However, I try to remember what the challenge organizer said, that this isn’t about gaining followers. It is instead a writing challenge to get you writing every single day.

Today I picked yet another prompt from The Self-Exploration Journal. It is: “What is your body telling you?”

I find this a really hard question to answer. I don’t focus on my bodily sensations much, yet when I do, they tend to overwhelm me. I regularly have a meltdown because I simply need to use the toilet. Usually this happens when I am not in a position to find the bathroom independently and the need-to-use-the-toilet sensation has robbed me of my speech. I also commonly have meltdowns because of hunger, pain or being cold.

As I focus on my body, I notice how my mouth hurts from having burned it on a hot snack I just ate. I notice my nose is a little runny.

I have distressing pain in my neck and shoulder muscles. It’s not as bad as it was yesterday, but still bad enough to distract me as I type this post. Good thing that this post is focused on my body.

If I have to guess what my body is telling me with these sensations, it’s probably to take a step back. I was impatient with my snack, thinking I’d need time to write this blog post too so I’d better eat my snack fast.

I’m not sure what the neck and shoulder pain are from. My husband says it’s most likely stress, but is that from doing too much or giving in too easily?

I know about the spoon theory, which describes the limited energy levels of people with chronic conditions. My support worker, who works mostly with people with acquired brain injury, reminded me of it on Monday. This morning, I was quite tired from the mere acts of showering and getting dressed. Yet I still can’t shake that little voice that says that, before I had support, I did these things too and never complained.

So my body tells me to take a break. Now I need to decide whether to listen or overpower its noise with my own and go on.

One thought on “What Is My Body Telling Me? #Write31Days

  1. I also don’t usually focus much on the bodily sensations, and don’t always kno whow to interpret them, those more complex ones. I think though that sometimes your body can tell you things you could never know otherwise, if you wouldn’t observe it, so I try to focus on it when I can despite it’s hard sometimes. I’m sorry you’re in pain. From what I observed it looks like I tend to have muscle pains when I’m stressed for longer periods of time, so maybe your husband is right and that’s the case with you, too. And other than that, I really don’t think your readers don’t care! Sometimes stats may be a bit depressing, but there are always people who read and are interested with what you have to say. I’ve read all your posts in this challenge so far with a lot of interest, and I’d be pretty surprised if it was only me. So please don’t be discouraged, the more that actually you’re writing on this blog since not a very long time, so many people have yet to discover you on here. I hope you feel better soon, and find some time for a little break from what’s most stressful for you. 🙂

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