Activities I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Hi everyone. I’m feeling a bit uninspired, but I feel in the mood for a positive post. Not because I feel particularly good – not very bad either though. I’m going to share some activities I’ve enjoyed lately. Here goes.

1. Yoga. Well, yoga without the fluff. I have been doing physical therapy for a few weeks now to help with my back pain. Though initially it was my enthusiasm for yoga (which the physical therapist casually mentioned) that got the therapist to think I might benefit from it, I soon found out that all the breathwork and need to feel present in my body was rather overwhelming. Instead, last Monday, we just did the exercises and that’s it.

2. Jumping on the trampoline. Today, the physical therapist had managed to borrow a side-by-side bike, so we were able to ride it to the large trampoline on the other end of institution grounds. I initially struggled a bit, but this was mostly due to my staff and the physical therapist trying to support me whilst on the trampoline. Once I started to jump on my own, it went really well.

3. Diffusing essential oils. It’s too bad the site I discovered with literally thousands of blends on it, is probably kind of shady, since you need to pay to get access to the blends (after a week’s trial period). Not that I create new blends everyday, of course, but I just love looking at everything. I did just put one of today’s featured blends into my diffuser tonight. Not sure yet what I think of the smell, but then again it usually takes a while for the scents to properly blend.

4. Playing dice games, particularly Yahtzee. I might try to introduce my staff to some new games soon.

5. Polymer clay, of course. Today, I put the unicorn I mentioned on Monday into the oven. No picture yet, but I did finally photograph the polymer clay ladybug and octopus I created several weeks ago. Here’s the ladybug. I did the main parts using black Fimo, used Premo in the color cadmium red for its scale or wings or whatever the dots are on, and used white Premo for its eyes.

Polymer Clay Ladybug

6. Listening to podcasts. I have been searching for podcasts I might enjoy. For some years, I subscribed mainly to true crime and Christian podcasts, but I’m no longer a believer and true crime honestly doesn’t really speak to me either. Now, I mostly listen to podcasts on healing from trauma, the enneagram and related topics. I also found several on neurodiversity. I particularly loved the SquarePeg podcast.

In addition to these, I love listening to bedtime stories for kids on both podcasts and YouTube. I might someday try sleep stories for adults too, but don’t really see a reason for it as of yet, other than the fact that I’m an adult, that is.

7. Creative writing. This is something I really need to do more often, be it on the blog or in my Day One journal on my iPhone. I really enjoy trying my hand at writing based on prompts or trying different styles of writing. I am not a good creative writer at all, but practice makes perfect, right?

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20 thoughts on “Activities I’ve Enjoyed Lately

  1. I enjoy a lot of these activities and things too; yoga for the stretching and helping my back pain, essential oils (you can often search on Pinterest for different blends too if you want something free of charge), and dice games. Yahtzee is a huge family favorite! Your ladybug turned out so cute.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I’m so happy you enjoy many of the same activities I do. I don’t usually use Pinterest, as it is image-based and I’m blind. Thanks for the compliment on my ladybug.


  2. If you enjoy creative writing as an outlet for you, then do it! Whether you feel like you’re good at it or not. 🙂 The ladybug turned out so cute – I’m looking forward to seeing the unicorn sometime. Visiting from WWandP today

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  3. I love the ladybug and I love what you are enjoying! Yoga especially 🙂 We have a trampoline but I haven’t used it for a long time – I should do that! My favourite dice game is 10,000, we play it every time we visit my parents. It’s a lot of fun!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and the compliment on my ladybug. I loved the trampoline indeed and am so happy in particular that the physical therapist and my staff let me jump without them standing on the trampoline too. As for that dice game, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it, unless it’s known by another name too. I’ll have to Google it.


    2. Oh, I just Googled the dice game 10,000 and it looks like it’s my favorite game on the iPhone app Dice World, only it’s called by its commercial name, Farkle, on there.


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, once the physical therapist and I got to know each other a little, the things we did (yoga and the trampoline) were actually quite enjoyable. Of course, the main point is that they help my pain levels, which indeed may be getting slightly better, thankfully.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliment on my ladybug. I have been using Day One on and off ever since I bought my first iPhone in 2017, but have had a consistent premium subscription for several years now too. I really love the app!


    1. I completely understand. I spend a lot of time on technology too and, though I love it and it helps me in my creative process too, just staring at a screen won’t create anything original.


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