It’s All a Blur

It’s all a blur, this life of mine. Moments, days, weeks, months – maybe soon years, who knows? – roll into each other. I don’t like it one bit, sorry not sorry.

I may not be able to fully lay the blame on my current care home with its chaotic and yet oh so boring routine and no day activities whatsoever. I might be able to create my own routine that would somehow differentiate between mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekends, summer and winter. If only I knew how.

This post was written for this week’s Six Sentence Stories link-up, for which the prompt word is “blur”.

19 thoughts on “It’s All a Blur

    1. It’s not that way in all care homes. My old care home was different. At least we had day activities there during the week and, though I didn’t go to the day center for those, at least I knew by my day schedule when it was a weekday or weekend. My current home is an intensive support home, so all clients have significant challenging behavior. Most clients are also at least 20 years older dan me, so mid-50s or older, and have absolutely no sense of routine whatsoever. The staff claim this means neither can they.

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    1. Thank you. I’m hoping that, if I can at some point go to a day center during the day on weekdays, I can escape the boredom and chaos. So far though, the powers-that-be have decided it’s best if I stay in the home.


    1. I’m not sure. I do have a day schedule, but it’s the exact same everyday and my staff say it’s not possible to make different day schedules for, say, weekends (like I used to have at my old care home). With respect to the seasons, I might be able to do that, but not sure.

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      1. I agree with D, Astrid. I also read the description of circumstances at your comments.
        I have to say though, that the answer they gave you of being “not possible” is just an excuse…not profitable seems their reasoning.
        Still, I hope you find a way to a place with a less cookie cutter approach.

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    1. Well, they claim my fellow clients have absolutely no sense of a routine whatsoever and are too old to learn (mid-50s or older), but at least involve me. I know, my current day schedule is better than none at all.

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        1. Talk to whom? The staff? I’ve tried countless times, but they keep telling me I’m not the only one who lives here and so they can’t make a day structure revolve around me. I understand but if this means hardly any day structure whatsoever, I think this isn’t the right place for me.

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        1. I know. The staff probably mean they aren’t motivated to learn and the staff can’t legally enforce any type of day structure on them. Which may be true to an extent, in that for instance they can’t physically drag the clients out of bed at 8:30AM to go to the day center, but in my experience, it’s more staff convenience that means we have no general day structure whatsoever.


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