Gratitude List (January 7, 2023) #TToT

Hi everyone. I have been struggling a lot lately. I am not the only one in my home – last night, everyone was irritable at least. This among other things caused me a lot of anxiety. To counter these feelings, I’m doing a gratitude list. As usual, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful. Here goes.

1. I am grateful I haven’t caught a cold or the flu (or COVID!) so far. Everyone around me seems to have come down with something. Though cases of coronavirus are on the rise generally too, it seems to be mostly the common cold or flu around here, thankfully.

2. I am grateful I am currently on track with the Bible-in-a-year plan I’m following. Okay, it’s been only a week so far and, though I hope I’ll continue to follow through with it for the entire year, I am not too confident in myself about staying on track. At least I don’t plan on quitting.

3. I am grateful for a visit from my mother-in-law last Tuesday. She initially didn’t plan on visiting this week but thankfully changed her mind because I was already struggling a bit.

4. I am grateful for licorice. I bought some when at the supermarket with my mother-in-law and thankfully put it in my basket in the storage room so that I cannot reach it by myself. For this reason, I still have some left.

5. I am grateful for French fries yesterday. A fellow resident had his birthday, so the staff went out to get us fries and a snack.

6. I am grateful my UTI has gone. Not that I notice any difference in my body’s signals – I wasn’t picking up that I had it and, when I thought I had figured out what its symptoms were, I figured it still wasn’t over. However, I’m glad it’s cleared.

7. I am grateful I was able to teach several staff how to play the card game mau-mau. It was fun.

8. I am grateful for relatively mild weather.

9. I am grateful that, when everyone was irritable and several of my fellow clients were in crisis at night yesterday, the support coordinator stayed in the home for the night. I am grateful that I slept okay’ish in spite of several clients being out of control in the middle of the night.

10. I am grateful a nice staff was my one-on-one staff this evening. I am also grateful another nice staff popped in to say hi every now and again. Lastly, I am grateful that, this evening, my day schedule wasn’t disrupted.

What are you grateful for?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 7, 2023) #TToT

  1. Oh, I’m sorry you’re struggling, and that it was such a rough night for you and all the clients. Wonder what set all of you off at once? My Dad said it was full moon on Friday night, and apparently it affects some people’s (including his) circadian rhythms quite a lot, though as someone with a pretty much permanently messed up circadian rhythm I haven’t really noticed that pattern in myself, but maybe that could have been the cause for you all?
    I’m glad you’re healthy and hope it keeps this way.
    It’s great that your mother-in-law was able to visit you during this difficult time for you.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Most of us have been struggling all week. The staff say it’s an aftereffect of the holidays, because most people here don’t have much contact with their families so such celebratory times are triggering. I for one have been struggling all week due to the fact that my fellow clients being in crisis (plus staff shortages due to illnesses like the flu) means less support for me.

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  2. Everyone I know seems to have had that terrible cold going around but so far I’ve escaped it. I hope we both stay healthy.
    How lovely your mother in law visited you. It’s good you have the support. It sounds like things are going OK. Sending love and hugs. x

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  3. Happy New Year, Astrid! This is a great list, ten things especially when things aren’t going well! Glad you have avoided illness. There is a really nasty bug going around, not covid-related, I heard. We’ve luckily avoided it too, so far. Ooh, licorice!! My absolute FAVE are Red Vines. What kind do you like?

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comment. Glad you’ve avoided the nasty bug too. My favorite kind of licorice are the honey-flavored ones by Venco, which are black and in the shape of a beehive.


  4. I hope you continue to avoid the cold/flu. I’m nursing a cold right now myself, and though it’s not bad, I do hope it goes away soon!

    I hope that things settle down in your home.

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