#WeekendCoffeeShare (August 13, 2022)

Hi everyone. How are you doing? Want to join me for #WeekendCoffeeShare? I’ve had all my coffee for the day, but I’m soon grabbing a Dubbelfrisss (my favorite soft drink). Let’s have a drink and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I would start out by asking how your weather is. Ours has been hot most of the week. Today, the weather institute officially recorded a heatwave, meaning five days in a row of daytime highs of at least 25°C, including three days of at least 30°C. Today, the temperature reached 32°C here. Tomorrow, it may even get a little hotter. The last officially-recorded heatwave was in 2020.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you the woman from the care home down the road from mine was very happy with the polymer clay necklace I gifted her for her birthday. I stayed for a while to have coffee and apple pie.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my orthopedic shoes still aren’t as they should be. I developed two small blisters on my feet after a short walk yesterday evening. Granted, I’d also taken a longer walk in the morning without much trouble, but blisters really shouldn’t happen anyway.

If we were having coffee, I’d complain about the care facility’s WiFi once again. Oh wait, yesterday, I showed gratitude for it, but today I’m complaining, because three days in a row it’s now gone out in the evening. I am currently redirecting my iPhone’s mobile data to my laptop because I was in the middle of typing this blog post when the stupid thing went down.

If we were having coffee, lastly I’d share that I did start on the green polymer clay unicorn I mentioned this afternoon after all. I’ve decided it’s going to make a great present for the student staff who’s leaving at the end of this month. I so far only made the surface it’s going to stand on, which is currently in the oven. It took me 45 minutes to create a slab for it that was relatively free of air bubbles. Not completely, but enough that there hopefully won’t be huge holes in the bottom of the thing. Not that they will be seen, if they are there, when the unicorn stands on its surface, but well.

How have you been?

21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (August 13, 2022)

  1. Hi Astrid,

    Man – you must be sick of dealing with those shoes.
    It seems like you’ve been fussing with them for months now.
    I’m sorry this is happening and hope your foot doctor knows what s/he is doing and your case is just difficult somehow rather than she/him being incompetent.

    Regardless, I’d love to hear that you’re finally able to walk in comfort again soon.

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    1. Thanks for supporting me, Gary. No, it’s not been months since the shoe issue started – it’s literally been two years. Honestly, I’m pretty sure the orthopedic shoemaker is a bit incompetent, as he forgot to measure my feet and so for the first year or so I had shoes that were at least a size too large. I mean, yes, my feet are complicated, in that I need both an AFO on one foot, which isn’t his department, and orthopedic shoes, which he’s supposed to make, but currently the issue is with the shoes not the AFO.


  2. What is an AFO. I’m sorry you’ve had shoe issues. That’s annoying. I had foot surgery four years ago to remove a painful neuroma. The doctor told me my toes might go numb. I thought, “small price to pay to get rid of pain, and it won’t probably happen anyway.” After four years, my toes are decidedly numb except that I walk on the tops of my toenails on two feet now because they became hammertoes – loosely not totally rigid. I had no idea that foot problems could be so debilitating and last so long. So I hope you get your shoes figured out, Astrid.

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    1. Thanks for sympathizing. I’m so sorry you’ve had all these foot issues. An AFO is an ankle foot orthosis. It’s a thing that fits into my left shoe and keeps my foot from dropping as I walk. Or that’s the theory. It doesn’t work nearly as well as it should, but at least it works somewhat.

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      1. That sounds like an important piece of equipment. Walking with a dropping foot must be such a handicap. As we talked about, feet play such an important part of our lives and we take them for granted until we can’t! I hope something works out for you soon, Astrid.

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        1. Yes, so true. I used to take my ability to walk more or less independently for granted even though I’ve had mobility issues due to cerebral palsy my entire life. Then for whatever reason my mobility started getting worse quite quickly. I really hope the orthopedic shoemaker and/or the orthopedic instrument maker, who’s in charge of the AFO, will find a solution soon.

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    1. I feel you about the hot weather and the irregular WiFi (though it’s been up all of yesterday and today so far). I don’t really care for fall though. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. It has been hot here but we are forecast thunderstorms sometimes today and then it is supposed to cool down, I do hope so. That is such a shame that your shoes are not how they should be, you have had so much trouble with them. x

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    1. Yeah, we were originally supposed to get thunderstorms here today too, but they’re nowhere in sight as of yet. I’m happy about that, as thunder scares me, but I’d love for the weather to cool off. Thanks for sympathizing re the shoe issue.


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